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About ERIK'S - May 31, 2020

What’s in Your Bike Bag?

Living in the digital age makes it easy to think that your phone is the only thing you need in case of problems on your ride. A phone is definitely important to have (check out our phone holders here so you can bike safely with yours). But there’s a few additional things you should carry […]

Cycling - May 29, 2020

How to Lock Your Bike

Unfortunately, bicycle theft is a reality, but with the right lock and a little know-how, you can greatly reduce the chances of losing your ride. In this video, we’ll talk about the different types of locks available, the security they provide, and where and how to lock your bike up for maximum security. We’ll also […]

Cycling - May 27, 2020

Cycling Shorts Buying Guide

Want to enjoy biking even more? Then get yourself a good pair of padded cycling shorts! In addition to having the right sized saddle on your bike — cycling shorts will dramatically increase your comfort on the bike seat. We’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect pair of bike shorts to […]

Bike Trailers - May 25, 2020

2020 Burley Tail Wagon Pet Trailer

Burley’s mission is to “enable adventure” and we know for pet-lover’s your adventures are best experienced with your pooch in tow. Keep reading to learn about a Burley trailer made to do just that!

Bike Trailers - May 22, 2020
Burley Cargo Coho Trailer

2020 Burley Cargo Trailer Guide

Burley’s mission is to “enable adventure”. If you’re a bikepacker in need of an efficient way to transport your equipment on trips or a carless commuter that needs a seamless way to carry groceries — Burley delivers experience, quality, and durability you can trust. Check out their 2020 lineup of cargo trailers carried at ERIK’S […]

Bike Trailers - May 19, 2020
Burley Child Trailers

2020 Burley Kid’s Trailer Guide

Burley’s mission is to “enable adventure”. If you’re a parent looking to tote your kids along on family outings or to run errands — Burley delivers experience, quality, and durability you can trust. Check out their 2020 lineup carried at ERIK’S and then get ready to roll with your kiddos in a beautiful new trailer […]

Cycling - May 16, 2020

How to Pick the Right Car Rack to Transport Your Bikes

Ready to take your bike on an adventure but in need of a way to safely bring it along with you? Sounds like you need a car rack! We can help you find the ideal one for you, your car, and of course, your bikes!

About ERIK'S - May 15, 2020

Biking Essentials Checklist

Ready to get out there and start riding? If you’re just starting out or it’s been a while since you last biked, we compiled a list of the essentials — everything you’ll need to have a safe, comfortable, and FUN time bicycling. MUST HAVES: We recommend these six items for EVERY cyclist. 1. BIKEWe know, […]

Cycling - May 13, 2020

Cycling Shoe Buying Guide

One of the surest ways to improve your cycling experience is to incorporate the use of cycling shoes. You’ll improve your pedaling efficiency, gain more stability while riding, eliminate unnecessary stress on your hips, knees and feet, and you’ll likely go faster exerting less effort!

Cycling - May 12, 2020

Specialized Lightens the Load With the All-New Turbo Vado SL Electric Bike!

First, there was the Turbo, then along came the Vado, the Como, the Levo, and then the Kenevo. All of these bikes were revolutions in their categories with amazingly powerful motors, smooth and natural motor feel, quiet operation, and the range to take you where you want to go. But, that wasn’t enough for the […]