The All-New 2024 Specialized Roubaix

The 2024 Specialized Roubaix SL8 is Specialized’s updated entry into the endurance road category. They made the Roubaix lighter, faster, and smoother than its predecessor. The new Roubaix SL8 takes Specialized’s philosophy of “Smoother is Faster” to the next level. The Roubaix SL8 is made for the person who wants to push their bike to the limits. With Future Shock 3.0 assembly, increased tire clearance, and added capability, the Roubaix makes the rough roads disappear so you can ride farther and faster—and be more comfortable.  

Key Features: 

  • Updated to the new Future Shock 3.0 
  • Greater tire clearance, up to 700 x 38c 
  • Dropped seat stays and reimagined tubing for a lighter, faster, more compliant ride

Future Shock 3.0  

Riders can now tune how Future Shock reacts to bumps and terrain with the new Future Shock 3.0. Three different springs—firm, medium, and soft—and five preload washers are used. If you can remove a stem, you have the ability to tune your Future Shock 3.0 at home. You can also tune the Future Shock while in the saddle, keep it stiff for climbing, and open it up for the rough descent.

The new Future Shock 3.3 delivers better in-the-saddle adjustability of compression than ever. Future Shock 3.3 is found on the S-Works and Pro models; it’s hydraulically damped to control the movement of the Future Shock, not only for a smoother ride, but also a more controlled one. Highly tunable for the individual, riders can adjust preload to a desired firmness for their unique position or for the terrain they are riding. Compression is highly adjustable during the ride to ensure that riders can set their Future Shock for the surface or the situation.  

Future Shock 3.2 is found on the Expert and Comp models and also offers a smoother and more controlled ride. Compression is pre-set to the smoothest setting, so riders don’t have to think—just ride. 

Future Shock 3.1 is on the Sport 105, Sport Apex, and Base models, offering an ultra-responsive, undamped Future Shock.

Future Shock 3.3 is fully shop-serviceable, and upgrading from 3.1 or 3.2 to 3.3 is possible with after-market kits for riders who would like to upgrade.  


While Future Shock handles the front of the bike, AfterShock handles the rear to truly suspend the rider. The Pave seatpost and dropped clamp design together create the AfterShock technology. The Pave seatpost’s carbon layup ensures that rearward deflection moves in a path opposite the rear axle to reduce impact and vibrations to you. The dropped clamp sits 65 mm lower than a traditional seatpost clamp, creating a longer lever. All of this delivers a smoother and more comfortable ride.  

Light and Aero 

Specialized shaved off four watts of drag by changing the bike’s leading edge, created a new fork shape, reimagined the down tube shape, and dropped the seat stays even lower to hide them from the wind. Over a 100-mile ride averaging 3 w/kg of rider power, that adds up to 17.7 seconds faster, or 11 seconds over 100 kilometers. Specialized took what it learned from the Aethos and optimized the layup of the new Roubaix SL8 to shave over 50 grams from the frame weight.  

Take It with You

The Roubaix SL8 makes the best rides better, no matter how long they are. But it also inspires really big days on the bike, so Specialized has given the new Roubaix SL8 every mount your adventures could need, including three bottle mounts and top-tube mounts. It’s even fender-ready! 

Made in Racing  

Over the years, “Smoother is Faster” has been the Roubaix’s calling card. From that first carbon Roubaix, Specialized brought more and more innovation to smoothing out the ride, from Zertz inserts to damp high-frequency vibration to greater tire clearance to fit higher-volume tires. But the Future Shock and dropped clamp designs of the 2016 Roubaix truly changed the game by using a “Suspend the Rider” strategy to deliver a ride smoother and faster than ever.  

This is for you if you’re looking for a confidence-inspiring endurance bike that emphasizes rider comfort and compliance over all-out speed.  

This is not for you if you’re looking for a race bike that puts speed and efficiency over comfort and compliance. If that’s the case, check out the Specialized Tarmac.

Ready for the smoothest ride of your life? Shop the Roubaix SL8 now!

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Written by: Zane Thomas, ERIK’S Visual Media Producer