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November 17, 2022
BMC Roadmachine AMP X

BMC Roadmachine AMP X – Now with TQ Motor! 

The new BMC Roadmachine AMP X redefines what a performance road eBike can be. It pushes the envelope with its state-of-the-art drive system from TQ. This allows the bike to look and feel like a normal endurance road bike because of some extra hidden power. BMC redesigned the geometry of the Roadmachine to be built […]

October 20, 2022
specialized diverge str 2023

Specialized Diverge STR – Smoother is Faster!

ERIK’S is stoked for the arrival of the new Specialized Diverge STR! STR stands for “suspend the rider”. This fully suspended gravel bike marks a new era for what drop bar bikes can do. Specialized realized by suspending the rider instead of the bike, you decrease rider fatigue. So, by giving you a tunable 20mm […]

September 13, 2022
cyclist on cervelo soloist

The Cervélo Soloist – Your Do-It-All Race Bike!

The Cervélo Soloist is making a triumphant return! Perhaps Cervélo’s most famous bike, the Soloist combines the best features of the S5 and R5 into a truly great all-around race bike. It is just as capable on climbs as it is on descents and flat ground, supports mechanical or electronic shifting, and is designed for […]

August 31, 2022
cervelo r5-cx

Cervélo R5-CX – New at ERIK’S 

In 2007, Cervélo made their first cyclo-cross bike for Jonathan Page.  He ended up standing on the podium at the World Cup! Unfortunately, that frame never made it into production. Since then, the great minds at Cervélo have wanted to revisit the cross bike but have kept it on the back burner… until now! Or […]

August 15, 2022

Rider Resources Bike Routes, Get Inspired to Ride!

If you’re looking for some new bike routes to explore, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Rider Resources for you. You’ll find short and long routes, paved trails, and singletrack. Something for everyone! Take a look and then . . . happy trails!

July 6, 2022
person biking down road on commuter bike

5 Tips for how to Commute by Bike

Got the rush-hour blues? Imagine instead enjoying your morning and evening work commute by bicycle! Commuting by bike, whether it’s to work or to simply run errands, provides physical exercise, fresh air, Vitamin D, and an environmentally friendly way to get from point A to point Z. Here are five useful tips that will help […]

June 21, 2022
cyclist riding BMC bike on road in mountains

BMC Bikes Now At ERIK’S!

Part of our success at ERIK’S is our ability to partner with brands that share an honest passion for our sports. We want to keep riders’ needs at the forefront of innovation and have products that enhance the experience for everyone using them. So, we are excited to announce that the iconic and premium brand […]

June 1, 2022
Man riding bike with two kids in grassy meadow

Cycling Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Below are some awesome gift ideas for dad, but what he really wants is time together. Shoot him a text or go old-fashioned and give him a call. Schedule some time to hop on two wheels together and go for a bike ride. Get a coffee or a beer, or just cruise the trail. And […]

May 18, 2022
specialized sirrus bike on street under a bridge

Specialized Sirrus – An All-Time Classic!

The Specialized Sirrus is one of the most popular bikes on the market and for good reason! The Sirrus is as versatile as they come, and an amazing bike for your everyday rider. Read through four key reasons why the Sirrus is the best bike for everyday riding!

May 11, 2022
specialized roval wheels

Roval Wheels: Alpinist CL II, CLX II, and Rapide CLX II 

Roval keeps attacking and leading the pack with their new tubeless-compatible Rapide CLX II, Alpinist CL II, and Alpinist CLX II wheels. How do we know this? Rapide and Alpinist wheels have won more races on the World Tour in the last 2 years than any other wheels – 155 wins to be exact. From Cobbled […]

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