Introducing the SRAM RED AXS Groupset

A collection of the components in the SRAM RED AXS groupset.

Every part of SRAM’S RED AXS groupset has been refined to create an effortless ride, including light brake feel, comfortable ergonomics, smooth front shifting, fully wireless connectivity, and expanded gearing choices to fit every rider. RED is packed with features like accurate and reliable power measurement, new shift points, and greater braking adjustability, all while shaving grams off every component to bring you the lightest electronic groupset ever. Riding isn’t effortless. RED is.

This groupset includes a rear derailleur, front derailleur, shift-brake controls, chain, disc brake calipers, rotors, battery charger, front derailleur setup tool, Hammerhead Karoo cycling computer, and Karoo accessories. We dive into the components of the groupset below. Read on to discover how the SRAM RED AXS sets a new bar and what bikes feature this unparalleled riding system.

Close-up of bike handlebars gripped by a bike rider.

HRD Shift-Brake System

True one-finger braking is at hand with the RED AXS’s overhauled hood and lever architecture. The breakthrough design features effortless fit across all hand sizes and easy access to powerful and smooth braking from anywhere on the bar. Independent reach and contact-point adjustment allow for comfortable and highly personalized setup. Better finger-wrap on the hood means less fatigue on long days. The caliper is not only stiffer, but lighter too, with phenomenal pad clearance for rub-free operation. All that, and the shift-brake system is still 83 grams lighter!


  • 83 g lighter than previous generation
  • eTap shift logic for intuitive shifting
  • Optimized hood shape fits the widest range of hand sizes
  • Carbon brake lever for lighter weight
  • Textured shift paddles and hoods for control and comfort

Front Derailleur

Not just fast and reliable front shifts, but silent running across the whole cassette. The RED AXS front derailleur uses Yaw technology with electronic trim to ensure the fastest possible shift while eliminating chain rub in all combinations.


  • Easy wireless setup, monitoring, personalization, and reliability
  • Refined cage shape results in faster and more accurate front shifts
  • Auto-trim functionality for rasp-free running
  • Groupset includes front derailleur setup tool for a perfect setup the first time

Rear Derailleur

The heart of the AXS ecosystem—the rear derailleur—is lighter, more efficient, and more capable than ever. This wireless wonder has larger pulleys to decrease chain articulation and increase efficiency, as well as an Orbit fluid damper to keep everything in place over the rough stuff.


  • Orbit chain management technology to keep the drivetrain quiet and secure
  • Larger X-SYNC pulleys for increased efficiency
  • 16 g lighter than previous generation

Power Meter

Our stiffest and most accurate integrated power meter and chainring combo just got lighter with a new carbon crankarm construction. The SRAM power meter is accurate to +/-1.5% and isn’t affected by temperature changes, and the consistent 13-tooth gap on the rings ensures fast and reliable shifting. Our integrated rings are incredibly long-lasting, and we’re offering more crankarm lengths than ever before to ensure this crank works for you.


  • 29 g lighter than previous generation
  • Fully integrated into the chainring for lighter weight
  • Measures right and left leg power balance


SRAM found a way to create their lightest and stiffest crank even lighter: a new optimized layup drops 29 g from the hollow carbon arms, and for the first time a carbon 160mm crankarm length option is included.


  • 29 g lighter than previous generation
  • One-piece 2x chainring results in a lighter, stiffer, more durable crankset
  • X-Range gearing technology offers higher range and smoother gear progession (RED)
  • X-SYNC chainring technology provides maximum chain control (RED 1)
  • Ultra-light hollow carbon fiber crankarms

XG-1290 Cassette

Wide range and tight jumps? Why not both? SRAM’s lightest and most durable cassette breaks new ground for gearing choices. Four distinct cassette options provide secure shift ramps designed for electronic shifting. Carefully chosen tooth jumps keep the rider in the right gear whether they’re out of the saddle on steep climbs or making fine changes to hold a wheel while approaching a sprint.


  • Gradual gear progression between cogs while still offering a wide range
  • One-piece machined steel X-DOME design for weight savings
  • Rainbow colorway available in all sizes


SRAM’s HollowPin construction is lighter and stronger than a solid pin, and cutouts in the outer and inner plates drop 13 g from the previous generation. This results in a lighter, faster, stronger, and more durable chain.


  • Flat-top technology enables a narrower chain with quieter operation and increased strength and durability
  • Hard chrome–plated inner link plates and rollers for reduced wear and prolonged life
  • Super-light outer and inner plates with cut-out design

Paceline X Roter Brake Track

SRAM’s smoothest and quietest brake track features the lightest aluminum carrier on any of their groupsets.


  • Designed for road use
  • Centerlock only

Hammerhead Karoo Cycling Computer

The Hammerhead Karoo cycling computer represents the pinnacle of innovation, design, and performance. The stunning screen, premium materials, and all-day battery life combine to bring the Karoo to the head of the class. Easy to use in every condition thanks to thoughtful hardware and software design, the Karoo allows you to focus on the road—and the ride—instead of the equipment.

Featuring comprehensive structured workout support, industry-best navigation, and a companion app and dashboard that let you manage your Karoo without removing it from the handlebars, this cycling computer helps you hit your training goals, explore new routes, and enjoy every ride.


  • Smartphone-like screen with industry-leading display for colorful visualizations and intuitive configurations of ride data and maps
  • Responsive touchscreen and easy-to-use hardware buttons
  • 64GB of memory, 4GB of RAM, and extended battery life providing more maps, faster map rendering, and longer uptime
  • Multi-band GNSS technology with pinpoint accuracy wherever you’re riding
  • Surface-specific routing type (road, MTB, gravel) that allow you to explore new paths with instant route syncing from connected accounts and automatic climb detection
  • Unparalleled connectivity for easier customization, better equipment awareness, and simple pairing with groupsets, power meters, and tire pressure sensors

Effortless Performance. Effortless Perfection.

With its lightest-ever construction, innovative technologies, maximum durability, and easy connectivity, the SRAM RED AXS groupset is the best in its class.

These features are equipped on the newest line of Specialized S-Works road bikes, creating a match made in cycling heaven. Check out the new Specialized Tarmac, Roubaix, and Aethos LTD bikes, with a limited number of bikes (300 or less!) featuring exclusive colorways.

Stop into an ERIK’S store today to see which bikes feature the newest SRAM RED AXS groupset. It may just be the lightest, smoothest, most effortless ride you’ve ever experienced!

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