Aventon Soltera.2 Overview – New Product Release

Man holding Aventon Soltera.2 eBike with a red background

The Aventon Soltera.2 brings a sense of freedom and joy to riders’ daily routine, allowing them to enjoy the journey between responsibilities. It’s designed for city commuting, fitness riding, path riding, and more, making it a versatile solution for riders looking to embrace a new way of getting around while having fun and reducing the cost of transportation. 

Soltera.2 Highlights

The Soltera.2 adds great features like a torque sensor in the motor, turn signals, and a longer range. The torque sensor can “feel” the effort you’re putting into the pedals and amplifies it accordingly. The sensor also greatly increases the motor’s efficiency, giving you that extended range. The Soltera.2 even supports swapping to sportier tires if you want to try some light dirt riding. 

Key Features: 

  • Up to 46 mile (74 km) range 
  • Torque-sensing motor 
  • Integrated lights and turn signals 
  • 20 mph (32 km/h) max speed 

Speed, efficiency, and safety: the Soltera.2 is an ultimate commuter

The addition of a torque sensor brings the Soltera.2 up to speed with most of Aventon’s current models. Not only does the torque sensor increase efficiency, it also greatly improves the ride feel. The Soltera.2 will now respond to pedal inputs more smoothly for natural-feeling support from the motor. This also makes it easier to get back up to speed from a full stop. 

While the torque sensor may not be the flashiest addition to the Soltera.2, the turn signals sure are! They’re integrated into the rear lights on the seat stays of the bike for easy visibility. They can be activated by the remote on the handlebars and will alert drivers and other cyclists behind you when you intend to turn. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the original Soltera, it’s Aventon’s ultimate city commuter. It packs modern e-bike power in a slick, stylish package that you might mistake for an analog bike at first glance. The Soltera.2’s lightweight and small frame tube size makes storing the bike an ease no matter where you are. The bike also sports robust components so you can ride worry-free. 


“I got to work faster, in about half the time compared to my [analog bike]. … The [Soltera.2] is excellent. … I just had a lot of fun! It definitely made me want to get an e-bike so I can keep [commuting]!”

– Carly, ERIK’S Roseville Store Manager 

Is Soltera.2 the Bike for You?

The Soltera.2 is an amazing bike for anyone riding primarily on pavement, but especially for people who want a lighter-weight, stylish e-bike. It’s also a great choice if you’re just getting into the world of e-bikes or getting around campuses. If you have to take your bike up and down some stairs or just don’t want to deal with a 50+ pound bike, check it out! 

If you want an e-bike that can venture on more than just pavement, you can take a look at the Aventon Aventure.2 or the Specialized Tero X! If you like the idea of a commuter-focused bike but want a little more power and some accessories out of the box, check out the Aventon Level.2

Want to Learn More?

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Written By: Samuel Harmon, ERIK’S Content Manager