Ride to Work or School in Honor of National Bike Month 

Two adults and a child ride bikes on a city path on a sunny day.

We hope you’re making the most of National Bike Month this May and getting out on two wheels to enjoy the ride as often as possible. Throughout the month, we’ll be posting about various National Bike Month activities and events to celebrate the arrival of perfect biking weather. Check out our first post, about the history of National Bike Month, if you haven’t already! 

A few events around the middle of May include National Ride Your Bike to School Day (which occurred on Wednesday, May 8) and Bike to Work Week (May 13–19), including Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 17. In this article, we’ll tell you more about these events and offer some safety tips for bike commuting in general.  

Active Bodies, Active Minds: National Ride Your Bike to School Day 

Did you and your family celebrate National Bike (and Roll) to School Day on May 8? If so, we want to see those pics! Tag @eriksbikeboardski on Instagram or @eriksbikeshop on Facebook to show off your kids’ rides.  

National Bike to School Day started on May 9, 2012, when 49 states held local events encouraging children to bike (or roll, or walk) to school safely. There’s no better way to champion active commuting while fostering a sense of school spirit. 

A child and an adult ride bikes on a city path, stretching out their legs in a fun gesture.

The reasons we love National Bike to School Day are the same reasons we love cycling in general: it promotes the fun and exhilaration of exercise while cutting down on pollution and the use of natural resources. For more info about how ERIK’S is committed to limiting our environmental impact, check out this Star Tribune article about the move to our solar-powered headquarters in 2021. 

Although National Bike to School Day already happened, communities throughout the U.S. are encouraged to host the event whenever works for them in May. Register your community and see who else has signed up to be part of this exciting nationwide network. (Fun fact: in Minnesota, where ERIK’S is based, there are 159 registered events for National Bike to School Day in 2024.) 

For middle and high school students, electric commuter bikes are becoming an attractive option for riding to school. But some states have restrictions on who can operate e-bikes (and how fast they can go). Find out more safety tips and advice for students riding e-bikes to school.  

Whether the kids in your family already biked to school on May 8, if they’re planning to do so soon, or if it’s part of their regular commute, we hope any young students out there enjoy the ride! Just make sure they strap on a helmet and ride safe and smart.  

A man in a suit rides a bike down a city path on a sunny day.

Reduce Your Commute: Bike to Work Week 

We’re currently in the midst of Bike to Work Week (May 13–19), with Bike to Work Day coming up on Friday, May 17. Much like National Bike to School Day, this is a fantastic way to share the cycling fun and camaraderie with your coworkers, whether biking to work is a new experience or part of your regular routine.  

The United Kingdom initially kicked off Bike to Work Week in 1923, and cycling to work was a popular craze in many European locales in the 1950s. Today, other countries throughout the world are joining the fun.  

According to Move.org, the American cities with the highest number of bike commuters per capita are Portland, Oregon (6.3% of its population, or about 40,830 commuters); Washington, DC (5% of its population, or about 34,700 commuters); and Minneapolis (3.9% of its population, or about 16,470 commuters). From 2000 to 2011, the number of bike commuters in the U.S. rose by 47%. 

While only 0.55% of Americans cycle to work as part of their regular commute, these numbers are on the upswing. Because more than half of Americans live only five to ten miles from their workplace (according to Bicycling magazine), adding in bike commuting as an option is likely doable for most people in the United States.

Events like Bike to Work Week can help people make the switch from a car to a bike commute! Here are some more reasons to ditch the drive: 

  • A recent study found that replacing one car trip per day with a bike trip instead can reduce carbon emissions by 67%.  
  • There are about 38,000 miles of bike paths/trails throughout the country, so it’s often possible to find a route to work that avoids busy thoroughfares.  
  • Participating in Bike to Work Week doesn’t only have health benefits for you—it also raises visibility for cyclists in general, showing the importance of drivers and cyclists sharing the road.  
A woman wearing a helmet rides an e-bike down a street with stores and kiosks in the background. A front and rear cargo rack are attached to her bike.

Commuter Bike Safety and Maintenance Tips 

Ready to buy that new commuter bike and start cycling to work or school on a regular basis? That’s great! As about 731,000 American bike commuters already know, it’s a great way to exercise and reduce stress as part of your daily routine.  

Of course, there are important safety and maintenance tips to keep in mind: 

  • Always wear a helmet and, especially if riding at night, reflective clothing.  
  • Limit distractions. Don’t text or answer phone calls while cycling.  
  • Follow traffic laws at all times, like riding with the flow of traffic, not against it.  
  • Learn and use hand signals.  
  • Make sure you have a set of high-quality bike lights (front and rear).  
  • If your bike is locked up in a common area at work or school, make sure you have a solid bike lock to keep your vehicle protected! Learn more about how to lock your bike securely and different kinds of bike locks.
  • Riding year-round? Wear the proper clothing for cold-weather riding, and outfit your bike with fat tires if necessary.  
  • Be prepared to conduct quick and easy maintenance. Carry a bike bag with vital repair tools and learn how to keep your bicycle in good shape by lubing the chain, inflating the tires, etc.  
  • Plan out your route in advance, paying attention not only to distance, but also how many cars are on the road, how arduous the ride will be, and so on.  

For more tips—including hydration, gear for carrying cargo, and quick tips for on-the-go bike repair—check out our guide to bike commuting

Whatever gear you need to make the switch to bike commuting, ERIK’S has got you covered. We offer the best commuter bikes from brands like Specialized, Aventon, BMC, Rocky Mountain, and Rampar, along with must-have gear like bike racks, cycling computers, trailers—everything you need to make bike commuting safe, easy, and convenient! 

This National Bike Month, join the community and have fun getting around town on two wheels instead of four. You may be surprised how much you’ll start to enjoy your commute.  

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