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September 22, 2022

The Best Bike Rides For Fall Colors

Fall in the Midwest is a great time to go biking! Cooler days and brighter colors make for some fantastic trail riding. Here are our top picks for the best Midwest bike rides for fall colors!

August 15, 2022

Rider Resources Bike Routes, Get Inspired To Ride!

If you’re looking for some new bike routes to explore, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Rider Resources for you. You’ll find short and long routes, paved trails, and singletrack. Something for everyone! Take a look and then . . . happy trails!

September 27, 2021
Murphy-Hanrehan Singletrack trail text photos of bikers on trail

Murphy-Hanrehan (Savage, MN) – Bike Trail Review

ERIK’S met up with Little Bellas at Murphy-Hanrehan in Savage, MN to check out the mountain biking trails and see how their riding season has been. Offering about 10.1 miles of trails, Murphy-Hanrehan offers a great experience for bikers of all skill levels. Check out our video review below!

August 17, 2021
Person biking on a trail through the woods

Top 3 Bike Trails in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin provides an abundance of fun trails to satisfy all types of riders! From sweet singletrack to paved scenic routes, to windy urban roads, cyclists can experience it all in and around the city of Milwaukee. Keep reading to learn what trails our staffers love and recommend in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area!

August 12, 2021
man riding mountain bike on trail

Best Bike Trails – Kansas City Area

The Kansas City area has so many amazing bike trails to ride! Whether you’re an avid mountain biker, a road cyclist who likes building speed on country roads, or a keep-it-chill kind of rider that enjoys cruising around on the weekends – there’s a trail out there with your name on it! Check out our […]

August 4, 2021
bike lane on road

Best Bike Trails In The Chicago Area

Ready to explore Chicago and the surrounding area by bike? There are plenty of trails to keep you riding – whether you are an urban commuter, mountain biker, road warrior, or recreational cyclist. Keep reading to learn the top 3 trails our staffers love and recommend near Chicago!

July 18, 2021
Luce Line Bike Trail

Luce Line State Trail in Minnesota – Bike Trail Review

The Luce Line State Trail in Minnesota offers 63 miles of paved, crushed granite, and mowed grass trails to explore. Running from the urban city of Plymouth to rural Cosmos, cyclists will be delighted by the scenic variety they encounter along the Luce Line! Watch our video for a preview of what you can expect on […]

July 16, 2021
person sitting by a river in nature with bikes parked near by

Discover Madison, Wisconsin’s Best Bike Trails

Madison, Wisconsin offers a wealth of exhilarating bike trails that cater to a variety of cycling preferences. Whether you thrive on the twists and turns of singletrack trails, seek the thrill of conquering steep hills, or prefer the smooth ease of flat, paved pathways, there’s a trail in this picturesque city waiting to be discovered […]

July 9, 2021
Person Riding Singletrack through Carver Lake Park Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain Biking Trails Review – Carver Lake Park in Woodbury, MN

The mountain biking trails at Carver Lake Park are a fun mix of easy and intermediate, flowy singletrack with super fun features and zippy downhill rips thrown in for good variety. Carver Lake also features a sweet bike playground! This area is a great place for riders of all ages to start to hone their […]

July 7, 2021
Person with Bicycle with racks and bags for bikepacking

4 Tips For Bikepacking

Love cycling? Love camping? Love adventure? Why not mix all those passions together to experience the thrill and chill of bikepacking?!

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