Best Bike Trails in Madison, Wisconsin

person sitting by a river in nature with bikes parked near by

Madison, Wisconsin has a plethora of amazing bike trails to ride! Whether you favor riding singletrack, like the challenge of steep hills, or enjoy flat, paved terrains – there’s a trail out there waiting for you to explore – no matter your skill level. Keep reading to learn what trails our staffers love and recommend in the Madison, Wisconsin area!


Below are some of our favorite trails around Madison – but first we want to introduce you to Ride Spot. Ride Spot is an App you can download for FREE on your phone that features easy-to-follow local routes with on-screen navigation and/or audible turn-by-turn directions. It’s a great resource to find fun rides in your area, connect with other riders, and even begin logging your favorite rides to share with friends.

We have curated routes from our staff on Ride Spot made for all different ride levels. Simply search for and follow “ERIK’S – MADISON” to see our local shop-created rides.

And now here are the top Madison, Wisconsin trails to go check out…

Blue Mound State Park

Gnarly, rocky trails with plenty of climbing and descending. This trail system will test your skills, fitness, and mental fortitude. Be sure to bring plenty of water, band-aids, & flat-fix equipment. If you’re able to ride a complete loop without dabbing, you’ll be rewarded with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment!

Learn more about Blue Mound State Park.

Quarry Ridge

Quarry Ridge Mountain Biking Trails

An awesome mix of climbs, descents, drops, gap jumps, twisty singletrack, and more. An amazing use of terrain, the trails total 4 miles but the network rides so much larger due to the variety. The park is located just minutes south of Madison in Fitchburg, WI, and can be easily accessed from the Military Trail.

Learn more about Quarry Ridge and see pictures!

Capital City Bike Loop

A fully paved bike path looping through downtown Madison, the Southwest Commuter Trail, and Lake Mendota.  Scenic and well-maintained, riders are treated to a 17-mile loop that has easy access to many restaurants and coffee shops if one would like to make a stop or two during the ride.

Learn more about the Capital Loop.

Military Ridge Trail

The Military Ridge Trail is a 40-mile link between Dodgeville and Madison. It is a rail bed conversion so you never have an incline steeper than 5° which makes it ideal for beginners or anyone looking for a fairly flat trail that allows them to enjoy a relaxed, scenic ride. The trail runs along the southern borders of Governor Dodge and Blue Mound State Parks passing by agricultural lands, woods, wetlands, and prairies.

Learn more about the Military Ridge Trail.

Badger State Trail

The Badger State Trail is 40 miles long running between Madison and the Wisconsin-Illinois border. Riders will have the pleasure of taking in the scenic meadows, farmlands, rolling hills, and prairies of the Midwest. There are many small communities to stop off at along the trail to grab a bite to eat if you wish.

Learn more about the Badger State Trail.

400 State Trail

Considered one of the best bike trails in the region, beginner and avid cyclists will love this fun route that runs through the Baraboo Valley in Central Wisconsin. One of the things that makes the 400 Trail so amazing is the scenery. The Baraboo River winds through the countryside and the trail follows its course. Sandstone bluffs, marshes, and river views provide multiple opportunities to appreciate nature.

Learn more about the 400 State Trail and see pictures!

Let’s go ride!

For more ride ideas in the area – don’t forget to download the app Ride Spot and search for and follow “ERIK’S Bike Shop – Madison” to see our rides created by store staff. And when you’re ready to get out there exploring, swing by one of our shops – Madison East or Madison West first. We’ll get you set up with everything you need for a safe, comfortable, and fun ride (tag us on your adventures using #EriksBikeBoardSki)!