2023 Aventon Sinch.2: A Compact, FUNctional Adventure Bike

aventon sinch.2 riding by mountains

Introducing the 2023 Aventon Sinch.2, Aventon’s newest folding e-bike. There’s a lot to love about the new Sinch, including more accessories, integrated lights with turn signals, and an upgraded motor. With these features and the Sinch’s large tires and suspension fork, not only is this the perfect bike for those who are strapped for space, but it’s also built to go on epic adventures over any terrain. Aventon also upgraded the bike’s feel to ensure the handling is more stable and provides increased comfort, making this bike great for anyone looking for a multi-FUN-ctional bike. 

2023 Aventon Sinch.2 Key Features:

  • Folding frame 
  • Integrated lights with turn signals 
  • Torque sensor motor 
  • 4” fat tires 
  • Included rack and fenders (front basket not included) 
  • Up to 55-mile max range 

Great Functionality

The Sinch.2 folds down to a size of 46” x 28” x 30” for easy storage in your home, apartment, or office, making it a great commuter. Even better is the inclusion of the fenders to keep you clean and dry through the puddles, while the rack can hold up to 55 pounds with panniers, a top basket, or a combination of both. That’s enough to carry pretty much anything you need! 

2023 aventon sinch.2 folding ebike

Sinch.2 Lights and Tires

Another awesome feature of the Sinch.2 is the new lights and turn signals. The 300-lumen front light will illuminate your path while the rear lights keep drivers aware and signal your braking. The turn signals are also great at raising the awareness of cars and other cyclists around you. The 4″-wide fat tires and front suspension fork work together to absorb bumps in the road and give extra grip on gravel and dirt trails when your adventures leave the pavement. 

lights on 2023 aventon sinch.2

Upgraded Sinch.2 Motor

The upgraded motor has the same power characteristics as before but with the addition of a torque sensor. In short, a torque sensor lets the bike tell how hard you’re pushing on the pedals to give more natural support, increase battery life, and provide an overall smother ride. It also provides a 15-mile range increase as the battery has stayed the same. Pretty cool tech! 

What Can the 2023 Aventon Sinch Do for You?

All in all, the Aventon Sinch.2 is more capable and versatile than its predecessors, getting you from point A to B with more comfort and peace of mind while taking up as little space as possible. If you’re tight on space but still want an awesome e-bike, the Sinch.2 is for you. Need something lighter to carry up and down stairs that’s still compact? Check out the GoCycle Electric folding bikes. Do you have space for a full bike and want a commuter that’s faster? Check out the Aventon Level family

2 cyclists riding the new aventon sinch.2 bikes on gravel road

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