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Fat Biking & Winter Cycling

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November 2, 2022
electric bike battery

Electric Bike Battery Storage & Winter Care

Unfortunately, for many of us, winter means putting our electric bikes away. When it comes to storing an eBike, electric bike battery storage, and motor care are important to think about. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your bike is in top shape come spring. Ride in the cold? We’ve […]

October 26, 2022
biking on ice wearing 45nrth gear

45NRTH — Premium Cold-Weather Cycling Gear!

Cruise through winter on your bike with no problem with 45NRTH. Their line-up of premium cold-weather cycling gear, including boots, apparel, and more, will give you unparalleled performance throughout the winter season. Keep reading to learn about some awesome updates they’ve made to their 2022 collection!

September 27, 2022
cyclist biking wearing cycling clothing

Cold Weather Cycling Gear Guide — Dress for Success!

Biking in cooler temperatures comfortably as possible with a few key pieces of cold weather cycling gear. This guide will walk you through what those critical pieces of bike clothing are and how to layer them appropriately so you can enjoy riding outdoors no matter the temperature!

May 7, 2021

5 Reasons It’s Great to be a Woman Cyclist

By guest blogger – Amy Patee, ERIK’S Events and Marketing Coordinator I was four years old when I first rode a bike. It became my main mode for getting around the neighborhood to visit friends. I biked A LOT. All of us kids did back then. But as I got older, I stopped riding my […]

May 1, 2021
Aventon Aventure Electric Fat Bike in Gold Color

Aventon Plumps Things Up With the All-New Aventon Aventure eFatBike!

Already known for their affordable recreational and folding eBikes, Aventon now offers a go-anywhere fat eBike, the Aventon Aventure!

November 11, 2020
Two People Fat Biking

Fat Tire Bike Buying Guide

This Fat Bike Buying Guide will walk you through everything you need to know about fat bikes and fat biking. Looking for a new cycling challenge? Interested in riding on diverse terrains like snow and sand? Want to have more FUN on your bike, especially in the winter? Then let us introduce you to the […]

October 28, 2020
Winter Cycling Guide Header Image

Guide to Winter Cycling

Biking in the winter can be an amazing time to ride! But it can also go badly, it all depends on your gear. It’s completely different than cycling at other times of the year. (We are talking about winter with snow, lots of snow, and also really cold temperatures – maybe below 0.) There is […]

May 1, 2019

The Wahoo ELEMNT Roam GPS Computer

Wahoo just released their newest GPS cycling computer, the ELEMNT Roam!

April 26, 2019

Garmin 530 and 830 Cycling Computers

Garmin has just released their newest cycling computers, the Edge 530 and the Edge 830 and, hoooo doggy, are these things cool!

December 26, 2018

26″ Fat vs 27.5″ Fat Wheel and Tire Sizes

The 27.5″ x 3.8″ (27.5 Fat) and the 26″ Fat are both available wheel and tire sizes for Fat Bikes. Let’s dig into these two options and see what we can learn. If you’re looking for more info on Fat Biking check out this blog and this one. Want to understand tires better? View our […]

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