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ERIK'S Bike Board Ski is a premier retailer for all of your Bike, Snowboard, Downhill Ski, Bike Repair and Bike Fitting needs!
Voted the Number 1 Bike Shop in the USA!

ERIK'S History


Erik was only 13 when he started ERIK'S in a barn in his parents' backyard. With an entrepreneurial spirit and the money he saved from his job as a paperboy, Erik bought 50 used bikes that he repaired and sold. A homemade sign brought business to the barn door.

By his senior year, Erik's Bike Shop was stocking new bikes and accessories. It began taking over storage space in his parents' basement... and then the dining room... and then the family room. So at 18, Erik moved his business out of his parents' barn and opened his first store.

Today ERIK'S is the Midwest's leading bike, ski and board retailer. A lot has changed, but Erik's core business principles remain: professional staff, unbeatable customer service, and remarkable product expertise - all in a friendly store environment. And Erik still enjoys working in the shops to help customers find their perfect ride. Keep reading...