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Electric Bikes for Sale at ERIK’S

We have an amazing selection of Electric Bikes for sale! Shop online or in-person at your local ERIK’S Bike Shop to find the perfect bike. 

Our Electric Bike selection cannot be beat! We sell Recreational E-Bikes, Electric Mountain Bikes, and Electric Road Bikes.  We also sell Folding E-Bikes and Electric Scooters We stock the best brands including Specialized, Aventon, and GoCycle! Any riding style and skill level, we have the bike for you. 

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Electric Bikes come in all different styles and so whatever is your riding style, there is an electric bike for you. Looking to get back into bikes? We sell comfortable electric bikes that keep your body more upright. Looking to commute to work faster while getting less sweaty? We have commuter electric bikes. Want to ride more singletrack trails? Check out our electric mountain bikes. Ready to go further and faster on the open road? We have electric road bikes. But whichever electric bike you choose, there is no doubt you’ll have fun! 

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Still have questions? Our expert staff will help you find the perfect Electric Bike for you to buy. Give us a call or chat now.  Or stop by your local Erik's for a free test ride today!