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Cycling Shoes for Sale at ERIK’S

We have a huge selection of the best Cycling Shoes for sale! Shop online or in-person at your local ERIK’S to find the perfect shoe for any riding style.

Our Cycling Shoe selection cannot be beat! We have a large selection of the best shoe brands including Specialized shoes, Giro Shoes, and Shimano Shoes.

Cycling shoes make a big difference for bike riding of all styles. Regardless of what style of cycling you do, cycling shoes will improve the your cycling experience and performance. You’ll improve your pedaling efficiency, gain more stability while riding, eliminate unnecessary stress on your hips, knees and feet, and you’ll likely go faster while using less energy, meaning you’ll be able to ride further! We carry cycling shoes for every riding type such as: Road Bike Shoes, Mountain Bike Shoes, and Recreational Bike Shoes

Want to learn more about cycling shoes? Check out our Cycling Shoe Buying Guide.

Still have questions? Our expert staff will help you find the perfect cycling shoes for you to buy. Give us a call, chat now or stop by your local ERIK'S!