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June 16, 2021

How to Reassemble Your New Bike

Thanks for purchasing your new bike online from ERIK’S! Once you’ve received your bike securely packaged in a bike box, you will need to do a few minor reassembly steps to get it ready to ride. Please read our instructions carefully before reassembling your bike. Also, watch the Bike Reassembly video below which walks you through the reassembly process.

April 10, 2021
linear drawing of bike

What Size of Bike do I Need?

Getting the right bike size is critical to the enjoyment you’ll get out of your bike. It is the difference between loving riding your bike and hating it. So how do you find the right bike size? Watch our video tutorial to learn how to know what size of bike you need.

April 7, 2021

Sizing Guide for Bikes, Snowboards, and Skis

When you’re looking to buy a new bike, board, or skis – size matters! The right fit keeps you safe, comfortable, improves performance, and you’ll simply have more FUN — whichever sport you love! We’ve created simple guides to help ensure you buy the right size bicycle, snowboard, or skis for you. Bike Sizing The size […]

March 26, 2019

Bike Sizing Versus Bike Fit

At Erik’s we offer both bike fitting and bike sizing services – on the surface the terms are close; however, the actual processes differ significantly. Sizing ensures we get you on the right size bike. And while sizing is the foundation of a fit; fit starts where sizing ends, optimizing the bike for each rider’s […]

September 26, 2018

Ryan Dungey Returns for Another Specialized Body Geometry FIT

When it comes to two wheels, few are as accomplished as Ryan Dungey. The recently retired motocross star has won every major title in American Motocross and Supercross and finished on the Supercross podium a record-setting 31 straight times! But Ryan isn’t just a fan of bikes with engines. He’s also an avid cyclist.

August 8, 2016

FIT FRIDAY – Hot Feet or Cycling Related Foot Pain – ERIK’S TruFit

Over the years many customers ask for advice on how to get relief from cycling related foot pain. Their symptoms range but are typically burning and/or numbness in the toes and/or feet – and in some cases with debilitating pain.

July 27, 2016

Ryan Dungey on Specialized Body Geometry FIT

Ryan Dungey knows a thing or two about bikes.  The professional motorcross racer has won every major title in American Motocross and Supercross.  But he doesn’t stick to just bikes with engines.  Ryan is an avid cyclist. He recently came into ERIK’S to get a Specialized Body Geometry FIT for his Specialized Venge.  We caught […]

July 15, 2016

Cycling Knee Pain

10,000  That’s how many pedal revolutions a cyclist will do over the course of an average two hour ride.  If your equipment is not set up correctly, or if you have a muscle imbalance, or are not pedaling efficiently, you have 10,000 opportunities to develop an overuse injury.

September 25, 2015

Fit Friday – A la Carte Fitting

AKA – Pedal and Cleat fitting for cycling. Every so often the question comes up, why does Erik’s offer only one bike fit service. Often the conversation goes something like this, “I just purchased new shoes and pedals, the rest of my fit is great, but I just would like to have you check and […]

June 2, 2014

Get Ready for the MS150 & Get adjusted by Erik’s at the Minnesota MS ride.

We know you’ve spent a lot of time fundraising for the upcoming Minnesota MS 150, and we hope you’ve been logging some training miles through Erik’s Riders Club or on your own, but how much attention to you give your bike? Set yourself up for success with a free safety check at any Erik’s location […]

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