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Electric Road (eRoad) Bikes Introduction

Electric Road (eRoad) Bikes take you places you never knew you could go! Stacked just like a regular road bike but with the addition of a motor, battery, and controller — an eRoad bike lets you take the long way home with a smile on your face. Hit all your favorite scenic spots, climb hills no prob, and welcome headwinds without losing pace — all while riding an eRoad bike.

If you’re a rider ready to enjoy more miles and speed on the saddle without adding more time to your ride, want to commute without arriving at work sweaty, haul your heavy stuff with more ease, run more errands by bike, and take larger bike trips, an eRoad bike is for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this innovative and popular type of electric bike!

What is an eRoad Bike?

eRoad bikes require pedal power to generate movement, just like a regular road bicycle. But they also have a battery and small motor that provides varying levels of assist to make one’s pedaling easier and/or more robust.

Essentially, an eRoad bike will uplevel your cycling experience. It provides support when you need it most. For many people this means they are simply able to explore more by bike. For others an eRoad bike allows them to reach new peaks in their performance. Whichever kind of road cyclist you are — chances are once you’ve had an eRoad bike experience, there’s no turning back.
eRoad Buying Guide

Components of an eRoad Bike

All eRoad bikes feature specific components that are not found on conventional road bikes.

Motor: A small compact electric motor that provides a boost when you are pedaling

Battery: The motor runs on a rechargeable battery (many eRoad bikes also come with Range Extender Batteries so you can log even more miles while out riding)

Controller: The controller allows you to adjust the amount of assistance the motor gives you, see how much battery power is remaining, and how fast you are going

Apps: Some eRoad bike models can be connected to apps that help the rider fine tune their bike to fit their individual needs and provide many handy services to lend some piece of mind while out on a ride. We recommend checking out the app “Specialized Mission Control” for an example of what’s available.

eRoad Buying Guide

How to Operate an eRoad Bike?

Electric Road Bikes are easy to operate. There are four basic steps to riding them:

Turn On: eRoad bikes have a button on the controller that you simply press to turn it on

Pedal: Once the bike is turned on, hop on and ride. The motor will gently kick-in once you start pedaling

Turn Off: Most eRoad bikes automatically turn off after a period of inactivity, but they can also be turned off by the same button you pressed to turn it on

Recharging: eRoad bikes run on a rechargeable battery. Recharge it by plugging it into a nearby outlet. You can do this while it’s mounted on the bike, or on some bikes you can simply remove the battery to bring it to your desk or in the house to charge.

What is the Battery Range of an eRoad Bike?

Different eRoad bike models will have varied battery ranges that can support a range upwards of 120 miles of riding!

Many factors impact range including your speed, external conditions, pedaling cadence, and how much assistance your using. The lowest level of assist (eco mode / 20% boost), draws the least upon the battery. The highest level of assist (turbo / 100% boost), will draw the most upon the battery decreasing its charge quickest.

Thankfully, the control unit will tell you how much battery is left while riding. If you want more sophistication — some eRoad bikes can be paired with smartphone cycling apps that make it possible to enter your route length before you head out and receive input while riding to ensure you make it back with plenty of battery to spare!

For more control over your range while riding, many eRoad bikes work with a Range Extender Battery. This will ensure you can ride for as long as you’d like without losing the extra boost on the way home if you need it!

eRoad Buying Guide

How Fast Does an eRoad Bike Go?

Many eRoad bikes offer a top assisted speed of 28 miles per hour! Yup – you’ll likely feel like a powerhouse as you cruise up the steepest of hills at this pace or make it to your destination faster than ever before by bike.

eRoad Buying Guide

Where Can I Ride an eRoad Bike?

eRoad Bikes can be ridden wherever a regular bike can go. Although there may be speed restrictions on certain trails and paths. These guidelines are set at the local level and have been changing frequently as electric bikes continue to grow in popularity. People for Bikes is a wonderful online cycling resource that advocates for making biking more accessible. Visit their site to stay abreast all the latest developments around eRoad bikes.

Not Just For Pavement

When people hear “Road” they often think “smooth” or “pavement”. But, we all know that that’s not all that there is to ride! There are a few eRoad bikes that are specifically designed to go where the pavement doesn’t. In the case of Specialized, they have their “EVO” models of eRoad bike in the Turbo Creo SL EVO models. These bikes are different than the “standard” Turbo Creo SL e-road bikes in that they have wider tires with some tread that allow for better traction and float in the rough stuff, along with a dropper seatpost. The dropper posts allow riders to get that saddle out of the way in challenging terrain.

eRoad Buying Guide

Am I Cheating Riding an eRoad Bike?

Many people are quick to dismiss eRoad bikes, claiming riding one is cheating. To those who are quick to judge, we say, “Come give one a test-ride!”

Riding an eRoad bike still requires effort like riding a traditional road bike and thus you still get plenty of exercise. The only difference is, when you need it most, there’s a nice little boost available at the tips of your fingers.

Maybe you need to run an errand, but you’ve got limited time to do so. Instead of driving your car an eRoad bike can make it possible for you bike instead. Or, if you want to join a group ride, but feel intimidated by the advanced cyclists, an eRoad bike will ensure you can keep up as you build your endurance. Maybe you’re getting into cycling and want to extend your range but worried you may not have the energy to bike back home, an eRoad bike will help you overcome those limiting obstacles. And we don’t think there’s any harm in that as long as it means you are riding (usually more)!

Read how Erik Saltvold, ERIK’S founder, has incorporated more biking and more fun into his life by riding an eRoad bike here.

eRoad Buying Guide

How Will I Transport my eRoad Bike?

If you plan to take your bike to different cycling destinations – it’s a good idea to have a solid car rack to utilize for transporting your electric road bike safely.

When shopping for car racks you’ll first need to know how much your eRoad bike weighs (fortunately, they’re innovative designs are starkingly light nowadays). Then you can refine your search for racks that are rated to carry that amount of weight. If you ride with friends a lot, and transport their bike too – consider the total amount of bike weight you’ll need to carry.

Click here for the car racks that we carry that could work for your eRoad bike. If you have any questions, contact us or swing by a store. We’d be happy to help you out!

Why Buy an eRoad Bike from ERIK’S?

Quality Brands From a Name You Trust: At ERIK’S, we offer the best of the best eRoad bikes by the most trusted brands in the industry like Specialized. ERIK’S is the Midwest eBike expert. We only sell quality electric bikes that we know, ride and service.

Professional Assembly & Service: All electric bikes that we sell at ERIK’S are built by professional assemblers following ERIK’S strict quality standards. After assembly, every eBike gets quality checked to ERIK’S 100 point standard. This double check ensures your electric bike is built right!

ERIK’S Parts Warranty: Once you purchase your eBike from ERIK’S, you can be confident we stand behind our bikes. Our ERIK’S Parts Warranty extends the manufacturer’s warranty on non-electric components on new bikes purchased from ERIK’S. This covers defects of any non-electric related components for as long as you own your new bike. If your eBike has issues, we will service your bike or work with the manufacturer to fix the problem.

In-Store & On-Street Test Rides: Swing by your local ERIK’S to check out our huge selection of electric bikes. We offer in-store test rides to get you familiar with the eBike controls and pedal assist motor before riding on the road. And of course, our test rides are free whether you are riding in-store or on-street.

ERIK’S Electric Bike History: ERIK’S started selling electric bikes over 20 years ago with the EVG Electric Bike by EV Global (Lee Iococca). We’ve learned a lot over the years and have continue to be big fans of the ever evolving eBike!

ERIK’S stocks the best eRoad bikes available today. Check out our selection online here, or swing by your local ERIK'S to learn more and take a test ride!

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