Why Erik the Bikeman Loves the Specialized Creo eRoad Bike.

specialized creo by the beach

Erik, the owner/founder of ERIK’S Bike Board Ski, started riding the Specialized Turbo Creo to see what all the hype was about. Can an Electric Road Bike claiming to be super lightweight, have incredible power, range, and connectivity? Keep reading to hear about what he discovered and find out why it’s currently his ride of choice.

We chatted with Erik recently to hear about his experience riding the Creo. As a long-time avid road cyclist – we were curious to know how an electric road bike would stack up against his 40+ years of riding acoustic bikes.

This quote pretty much sums it up:

“It’s the funnest bike I have ever ridden.

Why? Because the Creo has made it possible for him to enjoy all of his favorite rides more.

Many of the routes Erik loves are 75+ miles round trip. They hold scenic gems and some challenging parts that he simply can’t experience on shorter rides. But squeezing in the longer rides takes time – something this busy bike shop owner doesn’t always have an excess of. This is where the Creo comes in…

“Riding the Creo I’ve extended my range – I’m going further, seeing more, and getting a good workout. I’m going on rides that I wouldn’t be able to go on before due to timing. I can get out to the more scenic path or more challenging part in less time. Riding an acoustic bike just doesn’t get me there fast enough.”

Since getting the eRoad bike to “test it out” it has now become Erik’s go-to bike. 80% of his rides are done on the Creo compared to his acoustic bike.

“I’m exploring more because I can go down a road I haven’t gone down before. I’m not worried about having enough energy to check out an unknown route. My riding is simply more EPIC on the Creo. And, I’m still getting an awesome workout.”

On the technical side, Erik says the Creo is quite different from other popular ebikes like the Como or Vado. Typical ebikes give you a strong sense of being assisted. The Creo’s acceleration, on the other hand, is much more subtle. It doesn’t take over the ride even though it still provides multiple assist levels to choose from. The Creo is more YOU and less ebike.

“The Creo is more YOU and less ebike.”

Erik mentioned that 90% of the time he’s riding his Creo with the turbo assist turned “off” or using the lowest “eco” setting. But when he’s climbing a big hill he can turn the assist up to get an extra burst of pedal power. He even eluded that riding the Creo has made him feel a bit “like a kid again”. This in part is due to the lightness of the Creo, weighing in at a mere 26.8 pounds.

What’s the future hold for us? Erik thinks we are going to keep seeing ebike battery technology improve. They’ll keep getting lighter with extended range allowing riders to go out even further and longer.

Until then, Erik is content riding his Creo, exploring new, off-the-beaten-path routes, and smiling along the way.

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