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September 15, 2020
Specialized Epic Evo Base Mountain Bike

Specialized Expands the Epic EVO Lineup – Introducing Epic EVO Base!

The Specialized Epic has long been know as one of the most dominant bikes in the full-suspension cross country race game. And, with the evolution of the Epic EVO, Specialized expanded the definition of what Cross Country means. Now, riders have a more affordable option in the Epic EVO Base model! Check out the full […]

September 6, 2020

Best Mountain Bike for Beginners — Specialized Rockhopper

The Specialized Rockhopper packs a lot of bang for the buck. A perfect ride, especially for entry-level mountain bikers, it delivers big performance that all can appreciate. Check out our four key reasons the Specialized Rockhopper gets our vote for ‘Best Mountain Bike for Beginners’ on the market today.

August 12, 2020

Mountain Biking Trails Review — Carver Lake Park in Woodbury, MN

The mountain biking trails at Carver Lake Park are a fun mix of easy and intermediate, flowy singletrack with super fun features and zippy downhill rips thrown in for good variety. Carver Lake also features a sweet bike playground! This area is a great place for riders of all ages to start to hone their […]

July 24, 2020
Person with Bicycle with racks and bags for bikepacking

Tips For Bikepacking

Love cycling? Love camping? Love adventure? Why not mix all those passions together to experience the thrill and chill of bikepacking?!

July 9, 2020

The Advantages of Going Tubeless!

If you’ve owned a bike, you’ve likely had tires with inner tubes. Which means you’ve also probably dealt with the limitations of inner tubes. You’ve had to replace or patch them after running over something sharp. If you’ve tried to run lower pressure, you’ve probably hit something hard and suffered a pinch flat. The solution? […]

June 24, 2020

Bikes, Boards, Skis and Gear Buying Guides

Trying to figure out which type of bike, snowboard, or skis are right for you or what kind of gear you need and why? We’ve got you covered. We compiled all of our best buying guides here for you to peruse through. Each one offers a wealth of information to help you get the most […]

June 23, 2020

The Specialized Epic has always made people think “fast”. Now, think “fastest”

The newest generation of Specialized Epic has one job – to go fast! And, it does! Whether you’re hitting the XC course looking for podiums on the new Epic Full Suspension or you’re hitting the trail on the Epic EVO, these bikes are designed to go fast!

June 19, 2020

Juliana and Santa Cruz Release Redesigned Furtado and 5010 Trail Bikes

Ask anyone who’s ridden one what they think of the new Furtado and 5010 from Juliana and Santa Cruz and the overwhelming reaction is “Fun!” These bikes are fun. Fun to ride, fun to wheelie, fun to jump, fun to whip through berms. And, who doesn’t like fun! No one that I want to know!

June 19, 2020
Woman Mountain BIking In Blue Helmet

Bike Helmet Buying Guide

Wearing a bike helmet is a must! We’ve created this simple helmet buying guide to ensure you get the right fit and style for your noggin. Follow these simple steps to learn everything you need to know to make buying a helmet easy-peasy! 1. Choose your helmet style. Most helmets are somewhat versatile. As long […]

June 11, 2020
Image of Dad in Helmet, Sunglasses, and Button up Shirt On Bike

Gift Ideas for Dad

Got a bike-lovin’ Dad? Whether he’s a roadie, mountain biker, or just a casual cyclist — we’ve got the perfect gift for him. Check out our curated list of items we think he’ll use and, most importantly, enjoy! And then schedule a Father’s Day bike ride to show the guy how much you care! For the […]