Cervélo ZHT-5 – Bringing Speed To Gravel

cervélo zht-5

The Cervélo ZHT-5 is bringing speed to your cross-country mountain biking adventures! Cervélo has focused on engineering and created some of the most advanced bikes for road and triathlon in the last 25 years. From their iconic V-stem on their aero S5 road bike to their unique tube shapes (Squoval Max) on their P series tri bike, their innovation has always pushed the boundaries in the industry and cycling disciplines. Taking what they learned from their off-road compatriot the Aspero, Cervélo has created and entered the realm of XC mountain bikes with their ZHT-5.

cervélo zht-5 cross country mountain bike

Cervélo ZHT-5 Frame

Cervélo created their XC race machine with a few things in mind. It needed to be lightweight, have quick and agile handling, clearance for 2.4″ tires, and dropper compatibility. They also wanted room for two 20oz bottles on the frame.  

Their medium-sized frame boasts an impressive 907g, so you know it’s going to be light. The quick and nimble feel comes from the 68.5-degree headtube angle and thoughtfully advanced geo that keeps your weight centered for a stable and comfortable ride. This bike is available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, and XL. 

Clean Routing

Cervélo is built from a lineage of speed and innovation. Cervélo’s new integrated cable routing through the bearing cap cleans up and simplifies your cockpit. This reduces the number of exposed cables and reduces the number of holes in the frame.

cervelo zht-5 handlebars

ZHT-5 Build Options 

The Cervélo ZHT-5 comes in 2 different high-end component builds XX1 AXS and GX Eagle AXS, so you can tailor it to your needs. The ZHT-5 is available in 2 amazing colors: a Five Black color (below) that pops and sparkles in the sun and a down-to-earth Moss/Khaki color.

XCO Course Crusher 

Are you ready to put the hammer down with a XC MTB that can tackle fast downhill and give you a lively and nimble feel when climbing for the royalty of the mountain? The Cervélo ZHT-5 is the new choice for race-minded individuals. Order yours today. Head into your local ERIK’S for a test ride or check us out online at shopERIKS.com!