Aventon Aventure.2 – Amplify Your Adventure!

aventon aventure.2 efat bike at ERIK'S

The Aventon Aventure electric fat bike is back with the Aventure.2! This awesome go-anywhere electric bike brings back the amazing capabilities of the first edition with some awesome new upgrades.

Introducing The New Aventon Aventure.2!

The Aventon Aventure rides on pleasantly plump 4″ wide fat tires for the footprint and confidence to ride through almost any conditions and the front suspension fork keeps the front wheel firmly planted on the ground.

aventon aventure.2 electric fat bike at ERIK'S

New Torque Sensor Motor

One big upgrade to the Aventon Aventure.2 electric fat bike is the torque sensor. This means the bike can now tell how hard you’re pedaling and not just how fast. This makes the acceleration smoother, helps extend the range by using the battery more efficiently, and allows you to better tune your ride for speed, a workout, or a combination of both.

Get Ready To Go Fast… If You Want!

The Aventon Aventure ships to stores as a Class II e-bike and comes with a throttle and a top-assisted speed of 20mph.

But! You can tune your Aventure e-bike using the Aventon App or the on-bike color display for a top-assisted speed of 28mph. The top speed of the throttle remains 20mph, even if the assisted speed is raised.

aventure.2 electric fat bike screen

Equipped With What You Need!

The Aventon Aventure features a 750w, 48v Brushless rear hub motor, and an integrated 720wh battery. There are 8 gears to choose from and hydraulic disc brakes bring things to a stop.

Connect To The Aventon App For Expanded Features!

Syncing to the Aventon App is super easy. Simply scroll through the menu on the color display and select “Connect to App”. Then open the Aventon App and select “Scan to Pair” and you are connected. From here you can set up the preferences of your Aventure eBike, things like speed limits and kilometers or miles, and more!

All The Lights & Fenders Too!

New to the Aventure.2 is brake lights and turn signals! This continues with Aventon’s push to bring safety and awareness to riders on the road. The Aventure.2 also brings back the full metal fenders on the front and rear wheels.

aventure.2 taillights and turn signals

Ready To Tackle Any Terrain By E-Bike?

Check out the Aventon Aventure.2 electric fat bike in standard or step-thru models at your local ERIK’S location or at shopERIKS.com!