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April 19, 2021
Women riding specialized mountain bike

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Cycling & Active Mom

Whether your mom enjoys shredding singletrack, road cycling, or casually cruising around town, we’ve got plenty of bike gear that will make her ride more enjoyable. And, if your mom likes to mix up her activity, we also have an awesome selection of skateboards that will put a smile on her face. Check out our […]

April 15, 2021

SRAM Rival eTap AXS, This Shifts Everything!

SRAM has just extended their lineup of wireless shifting components to their Road lineup with Rival eTap AXS! Adding to the higher-end Force and Red options, Rival eTap AXS takes wireless shifting and puts it in a package that’s easier for more riders to approach. The same design, the same intuitive shift logic, the same […]

April 15, 2021

When To Replace Your Bike Helmet

Bike helmets don’t last forever. In fact, even if you aren’t in a crash your helmet can become less protective overtime. Keep reading to learn the four things to consider when deciding if it is time to get a new helmet.

April 11, 2021
man measuring bike saddle height with tape measure

How To Set Your Bike Seat Height Correctly

Got a new bike? You’ll want to make sure your saddle is set to the correct height for you. Watch our video to learn how to do this in a few easy steps!

April 9, 2021

The Advantages of Going Tubeless!

If you’ve owned a bike, you’ve likely had tires with inner tubes. Which means you’ve also probably dealt with the limitations of inner tubes. You’ve had to replace or patch them after running over something sharp. If you’ve tried to run lower pressure, you’ve probably hit something hard and suffered a pinch flat. The solution? […]

April 5, 2021

Power UP with the new Garmin Rally Pedal-Based Power Meters!

The truest way to measure your output while riding a bike is by measuring your power, the amount of force that you are applying to your pedals.

April 4, 2021

MIPS Helmet Technology — Protect Your Brain

A lot has been in the news lately about concussion awareness. And for good reason. We are still learning about the potential long-term implications of head trauma. But the good news is that cycling helmet technology has come a long way from the old days of a half-egg of Styrofoam. One of the biggest changes has been the incorporation […]

March 28, 2021
Specialized Helmet with ANGi Sensor

Specialized Helmets with ANGi + MIPS Technology — Ride Safer!

Specialized helmets feature special technology that helps your helmet protect you even more. The ANGi crash sensor can call for help when you can’t and MIPS provides superb protection for your brain. Specialized has transformed the modern helmet into a live tracking device, accident detector, and safety beacon that connects you to help when you need it most. Let’s […]

March 16, 2021

Cycling Shoe Buying Guide

One of the surest ways to improve your cycling experience is to incorporate the use of cycling shoes. You’ll improve your pedaling efficiency, gain more stability while riding, eliminate unnecessary stress on your hips, knees and feet, and you’ll likely go faster exerting less effort!

January 21, 2021

Introducing the S-Works Ares Road Shoes!

Specialized has a long and storied history of supporting the fastest racers in the world. From World Champions to Grand Tour stage winners. Category jerseys of all colors and overall tour and classics victories, all working in close collaboration with all of those champions.

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