Hydration Guide – Water Bottles, Cages, Packs, & More

hydration guide for biking at ERIK'S

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, so as the day and activity levels increase, we need to replenish the water we use. This hydration guide will explore some of the fantastic options ERIK’S carries for keeping your thirst quenched. It will also help you choose the option that is best for your needs.

Answer These Questions To Narrow Down Your Search

Do You Want To Carry Water On Your Bike Or Your Body?

You will want to determine if you want to carry the water yourself or have it attached to your bike. We have plenty of options for both. Having multiple options is always great so you can mix and match depending on the type of riding you will be doing. This hydration guide will show you many options that can be mixed and matched.

Can You Drink While Riding Or Want To Stop?

Consider your riding level. Depending on if you feel comfortable drinking while you ride or not may help determine the best system for you. Some bottle cages or packs offer easy access while you pedal along.

How Much Water Do You Need To Carry?

Depending on how long you will be out riding or how much water you like to drink may help determine how much you need to take. Different hydration systems allow for larger or smaller amounts of liquids.

On The Bike Hydration Systems


A water bottle and cage combination is the most common hydration solution. You will often see cages that will hold water bottles on the downtube, the seat tube, underneath the top tube, or even on the front fork. This option is great for easy accessibility. It is also great to stay hydrated while on the go. If you feel confident enough and can reach your bottle, you can grab your bottle and drink while you ride. If you find your bike is cramped for space, there is a great side-load cage option so you can grab your bottle from either side. You just need to determine which side you are more comfortable reaching from.

water bottle for your bike


Also known as a stem bag, a feed bag is the equivalent of a cup holder in your car. This is an extremely convenient way to carry a variety of items, but especially a drink. This is also a great way to remember to drink for those who forget to hydrate throughout the day. It sits right on your handlebars and in eyesight. This makes it easy to grab a quick drink when you’re feeling parched.

handle bar feed bag for bike


Trunk bags are great for packing a little extra. You can bring backup water, snacks, clothes, tools, and so much more. Some trunk bags even have a water bottle holder on them for easier access to your drink. Trunk bags do not keep your water accessible while riding so this is an option best suited for those who would prefer to stop and hydrate. 

topeak trunk bag for bike

On The Body Hydration Systems


Hydration backpacks are a fantastic option for increased water capacity, additional storage, and accessibility. These backpacks typically come with a water bladder and a long hose making them almost hands-free. These backpacks also allow you to carry other much-needed items. This, of course, comes at the expense of carrying the weight on your back.

hydration backpack for cycling


Hydration hip packs or belts are a better option for riders who want to carry minimal stuff and don’t want a sweaty back. There are two options for hip packs. The first has a bladder and a hose much like those on the backpacks. The second option will have a dedicated water bottle pocket.

hydration hip pack


A hydration vest is similar to a backpack because of its accessibility and storage but offers a better fit for mobility. A vest also will be lighter weight and offer more breathable material. These vests are often worn in endurance events when the rider is trying to maximize the amount of water they have while minimizing weight.

camelbak hydration vest

Get Out There And Stay Hydrated!

Remember, being properly hydrated makes the ride more enjoyable and in the worst-case scenario, you’ll have extra to share with your friends. If you have further questions after reading our hydration guide, stop by your local ERIK’S to chat with a professional. Otherwise, head over to check out options at shopERIKS.com.