Cycling Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

A man wearing a helmet and resting on his bike smiles at a child in a helmet riding a bike in front of him.

Below are some awesome gift ideas for Dad…but what he really wants is time together! Shoot him a text or go old-fashioned and give him a call. Schedule some time to hop on two wheels together and go for a bike ride. Get a coffee or a beer, or just cruise the trail. And don’t forget to grab a couple selfies with him on your adventure—your future self will thank you!

Now, on to our curated list of cycling gear and bike gift ideas for Father’s Day. No matter how your dad likes to bike, we’ve got some awesome gear he’ll love.

Does Your Dad Need New Cycling Threads?

A man wearing casual cycling apparel rests with his bike in a wooded area.

Casual Bike Wear

Whether your dad is ripping around on the bike or hanging out at a barbecue, make sure he’s set with quality gear from jerseys to bike shorts that will keep him comfortable no matter the activity.

Two men wearing cycling jerseys and shorts rest on their mountain bikes as the sun sets behind them.

Active Bike Clothes

Does your dad like to maximize the miles on the bike? Make sure he has the right clothes to keep his rides as efficient as possible.

Get Your Dad the Right Gear This Father’s Day!

The right cycling gear not only makes bike rides safer, but also much more comfortable and enjoyable. We’ve highlighted some of our top picks for any style of rider.

Cycling Shoes

We have a lot of options when it comes to bike shoes. Whether your dad wants some clip-in road shoes to maximize efficiency or some flats that are stylish and comfortable, browse our inventory below!


One of the most important pieces of gear is a helmet. Make sure your dad is protected this Father’s Day with a new bike helmet. If he’s had the same helmet for years, it’s probably time to get it replaced.

A cyclist resting on their bike wears a pair of biking gloves.

Bike Gloves

Bike gloves are great for protection and overall performance to keep hands from slipping and make sure the rider is always in complete control. Check out some of our top gloves below this Father’s Day!


Like most of these items, glasses or sunglasses are just as much for protection as they are for comfort. Not only will they keep the sun out of your dad’s eyes and help him see better, but they’ll also keep his eyes free of bugs and debris.

Get Your Dad Some Cycling Accessories


Our cycling computers, GPS systems, watches, and other electronics are a fun and extremely useful addition to your dad’s ride, aiding in navigation, health and fitness monitoring, and more.


Wherever Dad ends up on his bicycle, he’ll want to make sure it’s locked up safely. Keep him (and his bike) secure with our selection of bike locks.

Bike Lights

If your dad likes staying on his bike after the sun goes down, you’ll want to keep him protected with top-of-the-line bike lights.


Going out for a ride this Father’s Day? Keep your summer ride comfortable with a wide range of hydration options, including bottles, backpacks, and more.

Gifts for Dads Who Love Bike Repair

If your dad is a handyman who likes to fix things up, then we have some more perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day. Browse some of our most useful items for working on a bike below.

When You’re Just Not Sure What Dad Needs…

ERIK’S gift cards never disappoint! With one of these babies in his back pocket (sold in any amount), Dad can take his time geeking out at his local ERIK’S shop or online, getting exactly what he wants most.


Now Go Celebrate!

We hope these gift ideas inspire you to truly celebrate your dad this Father’s Day. Give your bike-loving pops some awesome gear, then go for a bike ride with him!