2023 Garmin Edge 540 and Edge 840 Review

2023 garmin edge review

The new Garmin Edge 540 and Edge 840 bring in some great features you may have seen on the Edge 1040 when it was released in 2022. The most exciting update for the 2023 Garmin Edge product line is the introduction of “solar” models for both the 540 and 840. The solar models boast 32 hours of battery life on a single charge in comparison to the standard models, which top out around 26 hours. The difference is even more impressive in battery-saver mode, jumping to 42 hours on the non-solar version and 60 hours in the solar version. Like any Garmin cycling computer, they host a number of stats and training guides. Whether you’re riding road, trail, gravel, or indoor, you can benefit from numerous insights to help understand your strengths and weaknesses to prepare for upcoming races or personal milestones. Continue through our 2023 Garmin Edge review for all the details.

2023 garmin edge review at ERIK'S

New Garmin Edge Capabilities

Along with the solar-charging computers, all models now have multi-band GNSS, which is a significantly more accurate tracking method when compared to traditional GPS. More precise position data leads to more accurate maps, directions, and speed. You will know exactly where you’re going and where you’ve been with more accuracy than ever before.

Coaching and Planning Features

Got a goal route in mind? Training for an event? The 540 and 840 offer some exciting new training features that can help you get prepared to tackle specific courses or roads:

  • Targeted Adaptive Coaching suggests workouts and training methods based on your current riding habits to reach goals for general fitness or upcoming events.
  • ClimbPro Ascent Planner lets you know “how much further?” with continual updates on grade changes and distance remaining on long climbs.
  • Cycling Ability classifies rider strengths and shows what areas to focus on to improve your ability for a specific course.

There are also new stats like Real Time Stamina, which tracks your power output to you help expend energy to make it to the finish line (or coffee shop) still feeling great!

Garmin Edge’s Improved Interface

Garmin has improved the interfaces for setup and mapping on these computers to make it easier than ever to access the information and tools you need! Maps now show popular roads and trails plus searchable points of interest. All models feature button controls that work in any environment, and the 840 series’s computers are matched with a responsive touchscreen so you can tap, pan, and swipe on the fly. 

Check Out the 2023 Garmin Edge 540 and 840

The Garmin Edge 540 and Edge 840 are incredible all-around tracking, mapping, and training devices, great for any type of riding. If you’ve ever wanted a computer that goes beyond the basics like speed and distance, check out the Edge 540. Want to be able to interact with your computer easier? Check out the Edge 840 and its touchscreen! Want all of the features, metrics, and data? Check out the top-of-the-line Garmin Edge 1040 Solar

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