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Specialized History

In the 1970s, it was hard to find quality spare bike parts in the U.S. So, what did Mike Sinyard do? In 1974 he sold his prized VW Bus and headed to Europe on a bike tour in search of those parts. Eventually Sinyard made the right connections and headed back to the states with parts in hand. The Specialized Bicycle Components company was born. When Sinyard found that people couldn’t find quality tires, Specialized began producing those as well. When more people wanted to ride in the dirt, the Specialized Stumpjumper was released as the first production mountain bike. Today, Specialized operates in much the same way. When they see a need for cyclists, they innovate and strive to create the best products for that need.

Specialized Bikes

ERIK’S has partnered with Specialized so we can offer the absolute best bike and equipment for every type of rider.

We sell Specialized Road, Mountain, Path and Pavement, Electric, and Kids bikes. There’s something for everyone! Shop in-store at your local shop, or you can buy select Specialized Bikes online and have them shipped right to your front door.

Additionally, we sell the complete line of Specialized accessories, components, apparel, and gear so you can equip yourself with everything you need to make the most of riding your Specialized bicycle.

Here is a quick overview of all the awesome Specialized bikes and gear we carry.

Specialized Road Bikes

Specialized Road Bikes set the standard for which all others are measured. Their Rider-First Engineered™ philosophy ensures every frame performs flawlessly. Their Aero is Everything ethos guides them in designing some of the lightest and fastest road bikes available today. And, their innovative Future Shock road bike suspension technology delivers a “smoother is faster” undeniable ride.

We carry a Specialized Road Bike for all kinds of riders — Electric, Drop-Bar Road, Endurance, Flat-Bar Road, Adventure/Gravel, Touring, Triathlon, and more.

Shop all Specialized Road Bikes.

Specialized Mountain Bikes

Since the release of their Stumpjumper — Specialized has paved the path less traveled (i.e. gravel) in the world of Mountain Bikes. They have over 20 years of refinement backing their suspension systems. Their FSR suspension technology delivers immense comfort, control, and efficiency all at once. And their ingenious Brain technology literally thinks for you. Whichever you prefer, your rides will feel ground-breaking every time.

Check out our amazing selection of Specialized Mountain Bikes. We carry Full-Suspension, Hardtail, Fat, and Electric mountain bikes by Specialized. Whatever style you enjoy – we sell it!

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Specialized Path and Pavement Bikes

The Specialized Path and Pavement bikes are perfect for the casual rider who enjoys biking around town, the commuter who’s going carless, or the active cyclist who likes to bike as part of their weekly exercise routine. At ERIK’S we’ve got a little of everything so you can explore your options fully and find the perfect bike for you.

We carry a variety of Specialized Path and Pavement bikes like Electric, Hybrid/Fitness, Commuter, Comfort, Flat-Bar Road, and Active styles. If you’re not sure which type of bike is right for you, contact our customer service team or swing by your local ERIK’S to further discuss your options. We’re here to help!

Shop all Specialized Path and Pavement Bikes.

Specialized 2020 Crossroads 2.0 Comfort Bike

Specialized Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes (pedal assist ebikes) are one of the most popular categories of bicycles today. And just like in all other bike types — Specialized has emerged front and center with their line of turbo charged electric bikes.

We carry Specialized eMTBs (Electric Mountain Bikes), eRoad Bikes, and Pavement ebikes (for the more casual riders). Specialized ebikes are you — only faster. Available for test-rides in all of our shops, stop in today to experience the thrill of the turbo charge for yourself!

Shop all Specialized Electric Bikes.

Specialized 2021 Vado 3.0 Electric Bike

Specialized Kids Bikes

If you want to start your kid off right in the world of cycling – buy them a Specialized bike! They’re built to keep your kiddo safe, durable enough for the little shredder that rides hard, and most importantly their made to be FUN!

Our Specialized Kid’s Bikes come in different sizes and styles for all ages of children. Check out our Specialized Balance Bikes for your kid that is just starting to learn how to ride, our 12” models for ages 3-5, our 16” models for ages 4-6, our 20” models for ages 5-9, and our 24” models for ages 8-12. We also carry a broad selection of used Specialized kid’s bikes worth checking out for your little one that’s growing up way too fast.

Shop All Specialized Kid’s Bikes.

Specialized 2021 Riprock 20 Inch Kids Bike

Specialized Accessories

When it comes to cycling, the little details matter. That’s why Specialized focuses on even the smallest of details in all the bike accessories they make. Whether it’s toiling over the head of a floor pump, redesigning the water bottle, or creating the perfect light to get you to and from work safely, Specialized sweats the small stuff so you don’t have to.

These Specialized accessories are sure to make your ride – however you bike, better: lights, pumps, bags, water bottles and cages.

Shop all Specialized Accessories.

Specialized Accessories

Specialized Components

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your new dream bike or upgrade your existing ride, Specialized has a full line of components for you.

Some of our top-selling Specialized components include Specialized tires, saddles, pedals, and cranks.

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Specialized Apparel and Gear

No matter your riding style, Specialized has the apparel and gear you need. Every article of Specialized apparel is designed to enhance the rider experience. From the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes, they literally have you covered.


A helmet’s number one priority is to protect your head. The challenge comes from making one that’s comfortable enough to wear no matter the conditions. A helmet needs to provide the best possible protection, and it needs to be light, breathable and aerodynamic. That’s why Specialized puts their cutting-edge technology, passion for ergonomics, and knowledge of aerodynamics into every helmet they make. Read about their Angi Sensor that helps call for help when you can’t in the event of a crash and MIPS or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. These two innovative technologies created by Specialized are revolutionizing how helmets are constructed.

Shop Specialized Helmets.

Cycling Shoes

The proper shoe can make or break your ride. Whether it’s an epic day on the mountain bike, a sprint to the line after a long road race, or commuting to work, a cycling shoe needs to transfer power to the pedals and have superior comfort. Specialized uses their Body Geometry soles and footbeds in every shoe they make. They’re ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power and efficiency while reducing the chance of injury. That’s asking a lot from a shoe

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Cycling Gloves

Specialized looks at a cycling glove as much more than just a bit of padding in the palm of your hand. They work with the world’s top medical professionals to ergonomically design and scientifically test gloves that increase comfort without decreasing your feel of the bike. On top of that, you get the added control and protection that a glove provides while on the road or trail.

Shop Specialized Gloves.

Cycling Jerseys

The high performance Evade skin suit was designed using Specialized's own wind tunnel located at their California headquarters. Fast prototyping with the highest high tech materials and immediate access to real life aerodynamic data help produce a skin suit so fast it will take six minutes off an average rider's 40-kilometer time trial. At the same time, the suit is comfortable and even allows for easier bathroom breaks.
Specialized takes the findings from their cutting edge designs and makes them accessible to all riders. Findings from designing the Evade skinsuit have now influenced how the shoulder seams of race jerseys are placed and how cycling shorts are assembled

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Cycling Shorts

Aerodynamics and speed are nothing without comfort. Specialized is a leader in cycling-shorts design. Through research and development, they’ve produced some of the best chamois on the market. By using their patented Body Geometry process and advanced scanning techniques like pressure mapping and blood flow analysis, Specialized has developed chamois that are gender specific and provide the best support and cushioning.

Specialized recognized early on that not every type of rider needs the same type of chamois. They design chamois for high-performance riders and racers that use multi-density cushioning. For the endurance and adventure cyclist, they have developed a chamois with a top fabric that wicks moisture and prevents chafing. For the mountain biker, Specialized uses the same chamois technology but adapts it for the increased movement of mountain bikers and puts it in a baggy short. For the more recreational rider, they have a chamois that provides support but slightly lighter padding for shorter periods in the saddle.

Managing moisture and heat is vital to keeping a rider comfortable. Specialized uses cutting edge fabrics to keep a rider dry and cool on hot days and warm on cold days. Specialized also knows that cyclists ride in all conditions so they offer a wide range of water and wind resistant apparel.

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Cool Weather Apparel

Most people think of cycling as a warm, fair weather activity, but for some cycling is a year-round endeavor no matter the conditions. Specialized recognizes this and offers a full line of apparel, from base layers to outerwear, for all types of riders.

Shop Specialized Cold Weather Apparel.

S.W.A.T Cycling Apparel

Specialized cycling clothing is not only comfortable but convenient. Specialized developed their SWAT system - storage, water, air, tools – for on-bike storage and then adapted it to clothing. The SWAT features allow a cyclist to carry more supplies, but more importantly, puts those supplies within easy reach. Smartly integrated SWAT pockets will enable you to carry all your essentials.

Shop Specialized S.W.A.T Cycling Apparel.


Are you feeling the Specialized love?

With so many awesome products to explore it can get overwhelming to know which Specialized bike or piece of gear is the right one for you. Our expert staff are always here to help you select the bike or cycling equipment that will meet your needs and budget. Stop by your local shop today to explore our huge selection of Specialized products!

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