Specialized Allez Sprint – The Fastest Alloy Road Bike

specialized allez sprint alloy

The future of alloy is here! Say hello to the all-new Specialized Allez Sprint – the fastest alloy road bike in history! Specialized took what they learned from developing the Tarmac SL7 and rebuilt it in an alloy frame using their Smartweld technology.

The D’Aluisio Smartweld makes the Specialized Allez light, stiff, and offers performance all at a price that’s easier on the wallet! The aero tube shapes, race geometry, and bright bold colors make the new Allez alloy frame the best on the market for the price. The Allez also has the most complex alloy head tube to date with integrated cables, and tube shapes borrowed from the Tarmac SL7. This is the future of alloy.

specialized allez sprint alloy frame

Aero Is Everything 

The all-new Specialized Allez is quantifiably faster. 41 seconds faster to be exact.  This is when compared to the 40 km Allez Sprint Peter Sagan raced at the Tour Down Under. How does Specialized know this? They know because they own a cycling-specific Wind Tunnel. It’s their playground for ingenuity, innovation, and design.  It is what helps them set the benchmark for the world’s fastest bikes. 

specialized allez sprint alloy

Optimized Power Transfer 

The Allez Sprint is designed for pure acceleration. No wasted energy. The one-piece bottom bracket and downtube are hydroformed from a single piece of alloy to deliver as many watts as you can muster through the bike. The Allez Sprint will work harmoniously with your body to deliver full power transfer to every pedal stroke, ride, and of course, every sprint.

specialized allez sprint alloy

Unparalleled Ride Quality 

The Specialized Allez has an unparalleled ride quality that is inspired by race-day handling. Comfort and performance are not usually synonymous with each other. Specialized changed that by taking cues from the uncompromising compliance of the Tarmac SL7. The seat post, fork, dropped stays, and 32 mm tire clearance lets you ride stronger, faster, and longer.  

And where are the 1X riders at? Specialized has developed their first removable front derailleur hanger on an alloy bike. You can now choose to have a cleaner-looking setup that’s simple and lighter.   

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Get Your Specialized Allez Sprint Today!

Looking to be more aero, more efficient, AND more comfortable all while staying within budget? The Allez Sprint is the bike for you. In a race, 3 to 5 seconds is a big difference. Imagine what 41 seconds can do for you. Check them out on shoperiks.com or call your local ERIK’S to set up a test ride! You can also view all of our Specialized lineups here!

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