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Bike Sizing Versus Bike Fit

At Erik’s we offer both bike fitting and bike sizing services – on the surface the terms are close; however, the actual processes differ significantly. Sizing ensures we get you on the right size bike. And while sizing is the foundation of a fit; fit starts where sizing ends, optimizing the bike for each rider’s needs.

Bike Sizing is essential customer service at ERIK’S.

At Erik’s, we size every customer shopping for a drop-style handlebar road bike, triathlon specific bike, or performance mountain bike. We believe sizing is an essential customer service that ensures our customers are on the right size bike, and that the bike is adjusted comfortably for them. We do all of this for free, but you can also purchase a sizing for $60 if you have a bike that needs some minor adjustments to help make it more comfortable.


Our Bike Sizing system addresses:

  • Proportions: Two people of the same height aren’t always going to be built the same or need the same size bike. We take careful measurements to find the bike that’s right for your body. To determine your bike size, we use five key physical measurements, along with a flexibility assessment. Measurements are entered into our custom sizing software which helps us to calculate the best bike size for you.
  • Choice: With so many brands, styles, geometries, and sizes to choose from, selecting a new bike can be a challenge. Our sizing process helps to narrow down the best style, model, and size of bike that will work best for you.
  • Comfort: Once you’ve got your bike picked out, we take the time to set it up for you and have you pedal the bike on a stationary trainer. Then we check saddle height, and reach and height of the handlebar; then we make any necessary adjustments so that you can have the best test ride experience possible.
  • This process can vary widely at different bike shops – from a simple stand over test to something more in-depth. To add confusion to the matter some shops may call their version of this process a fit, but there are significant and important differences that distinguish this service from a bike fit.

Our Bike Fit process optimizes your bike to fit your unique body and needs:

Every bike fit at Erik’s is performed by our expert fit staff, all of whom have undergone the most comprehensive fit training in the industry. Bike fits are done via appointment so we can dedicate the time necessary to get everything dialed. Fits generally take between two to three hours. We begin every fit with a comprehensive physical assessment to understand each individual’s unique range of motion and mechanics off the bike, so we can better help to support them on the bike. We use video capture and monitor pedaling mechanics during the fit to verify changes to your position are correct no matter how minute. Lastly, we include a follow-up session to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.

  • We start every fit with an interview to better understand how the sport of cycling fits into each of our clients’ lives; we also want to learn about any concerns or possible injuries.
  • We look at a range of motion, flexibility and unique physical structures along the kinetic chain. We do this all off the bike so we can understand how these unique individual factors will affect you on the bike.
  • It’s only with this understanding that we can make the changes and adjustments to your equipment to support your specific physical needs.
  • The end goal is to make the bike an extension of you, whether you ride one mile or a hundred to make each pedal stroke as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Sizing or Fit?

Sizing does a great job of ensuring you are on the right size bike. Bike-fitting takes it further tailoring the bike specifically to you – ensuring maximum comfort and peak efficiency while cycling.

Ready to get your bike dialed in for increased performance and comfort? Make an appointment with one of our Bike Fit technicians today!