BMC Roadmachine AMP X – Now With TQ Motor! 

BMC Roadmachine AMP X

The new BMC Roadmachine AMP X redefines what a performance road e-bike can be. It pushes the envelope with its state-of-the-art drive system from TQ. This allows the bike to look and feel like a normal endurance road bike because of some extra hidden power. BMC redesigned the geometry of the Roadmachine to be built around the new TQ motor and this gives the bike the most comfortable and best-handling version of the frame to date. If you’ve ever wanted to go farther, faster, or explore more, that’s where the Roadmachine AMP comes in. 

TQ Drive System 

The AMP version of the Roadmachine X now comes with the TQ drive system. TQ is a nearly 30-year-old German tech company that, like ERIK’S, got its start in a barn. The TQ stands for Technologie in Qualitat, which translates to Technology in Quality. They have been making motors for aerospace and industrial applications for 10 years and have recently brought that expertise to the cycling world. The specific motor on the Roadmachine AMP is the TQ-HPR50. The HPR50 uses an internal design called a harmonic pin-ring (or HPR) transmission which has significant advantages over traditional eBike motors including the fact that it doesn’t use internal cogs or belts which make it super compact, lightweight, incredibly quiet, and reliable. 

TQ motor on a BMC Roadmachine AMP X eBike
  • The HPR50 is able to put out 300 watts of support and reach a top speed of 28mph
  • TQ offers an app that allows you to adjust the amount of support of the three assist modes
  • The bike sports a 60-mile range on most terrain in the lowest assist mode
  • There is also an optional range extender that can extend the range by about 30 miles
  • This system is the lightest eBike drive system on the market today
  • Best in class for a compact, lightweight, and powerful eBike motor
TQ motor on the BMC bike

Enduro Machine

The new BMC Roadmachine AMP X has all the same endurance principles as its analog sibling, including relaxed geo that doesn’t compromise power transfer and BMC’s Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) to absorb small bumps and vibration with no moving parts. TCC works by laying up the carbon in a very specific way during frame and seatpost production to allow them to flex in strategic spots and create a more comfortable ride. The bike also includes the new BMC x Redshift suspension stem to absorb those bigger bumps and reduce fatigue. Once you add in the motor, you’ll be able to ride farther than ever before and stay comfortable while doing it. 

2023 BMC roadmachine AMP X at ERIK'S

This Is An E-Bike?

At first glance, it can be hard to tell this is even an e-bike! BMC likes to say this bike has hidden power. The ultra-compact motor paired with its slim battery in the downtube looks incredible. One giveaway may be the rear light that’s integrated into the seatpost and connects to the battery so you never have to worry about charging. There is also a front computer/light mount so you can ride safely at any time of the day. Another feature to expand the usability of the bike is the option to add fenders for those wet days or muddy gravel roads. The display for the bike sits in the top tube, near the stem, and features a single button to turn the bike on and off and change assist levels. The display will show the battery charge and current speed.  

cyclist riding the BMC roadmachine AMP X

AMPed Up! 

If you’ve been hesitant to try a road e-bike in the past or didn’t like how it felt, I highly encourage you to check out the new Roadmachine AMP X and take it for a spin. This design with the TQ drive system truly is a new experience. And, as they say, don’t knock it ’til you try it! Test rides are always free at your local ERIK’S or you can check us out online at