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Downhill Ski Boots for Sale at ERIK’S

We have a huge selection of the best downhill ski boots for sale! Shop online or in-person at your local ERIK’S to find the perfect boot for your skiing style.

Our alpine ski boot selection cannot be beat! We sell Men's Boots, Women's Boots, and Kids Boots. We stock the best brands including Tecnica, Dalbello, and K2. Any skiing style and skill level, we have the boots for you.

Ski boots are a very important part of your overall setup. Downhill ski boots aren’t like a pair of shoes you walk around in on a daily basis; they’re a piece of performance footwear. Ski boots come in what is called Mondopoint sizing. Unlike shoe sizes, which can vary a lot from one brand to another, the idea behind Mondopoint sizing is to have a consistent system. Mondopoint sizing is calculated by measuring the length of your foot, from heel to big toe, in centimeters.

Need help finding the right size, or want to learn more about ski boots? Check out the boot section in our Ski Buying Guide.

Still have questions? Our expert staff will help you find the perfect pair of boots for you to buy. Give us a call, chat now or stop by your local ERIK'S!