Electric Bike Testimonials — Why We Ride eBikes!

At ERIK’S, we think electric bikes are awesome… but don’t just take our word for it! We are so excited to work with so many different customers to help them find their perfect eBike. Below are just some of the stories of how electric bikes have literally changed people’s lives.

Erik S. (ERIK'S Owner & Founder)

Erik The Bike Man standing over his electric bike with big smile

Why I Ride An Electric Bike

I LOVE riding my eBike! It helps me to incorporate riding more into my everyday activities. I ride it to clear my head on my commute home. My wife and I often ride to dinner on our eBikes. It’s a perfect way to enjoy a summer evening. We have a great time as she now enjoys some of the longer rides we like to do.

If you want to hear about Erik's experience riding the Specialized Creo Electric Road Bike, check out this blog.

Michael Z

Michael Z E-Bike TestimonialWhy I Ride An Electric Bike
I love my Specialized Turbo Como from Erik's it has expanded the radius that I can ride by at least 4 times. Using minimal Power or managing just hills and when tired I can get a great workout and see a lot more of the area I am riding without the risk of running out of steam on the way back. Love it.

Rachel G

Rachel G eBike TestimonialWhy I Ride An Electric Bike
I LOVE my eBike! I bought it in December '19 before COVID-19 drastically changed our lives. I am a pediatrician and my office is 3 miles away from home, far enough to build up a sweat when riding a regular bike. I bought my eBike for several reasons. First, I wanted to bike to work without a sweat. Second, as a pediatrician, I work hard to educate kids and their parents about biking and walking safely to school. With other members of my community, we got a grant from Safe Routes To School in IL to improve conditions for biking and walking to school. By biking every day, I set an example for my patients. They see me in the community with a helmet on my head and a smile on my face. Third, I wanted to make an impact on the environment. I have already ridden 500 miles with my eBike. That means 2 1/2 less tanks of gas and less wear and tear on our car. Fourth, my 16 year-old son just got his license. We were talking about getting another car before I bought my eBike. Now we can delay that for longer. It is so much fun to ride my eBike!

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Sue F.

Sue F E-Bike Testimonial Why I Ride An Electric Bike
I’ve always liked to bike, but now, with my new Specialized Como, I LOVE to bike! I have a demanding job as an essential worker in healthcare. So it’s nothing to take a spin every day, even if I feel spent!! My husband also has an ebike. He is recovering from a broken ankle over the winter, so it’s been great for him too. And we bought a dog cart to pull our Jack Russell terrier, so she can tag along! The staff at Erik’s were great to work with, especially Connor. Thanks for giving us some joy back during this pandemic!!!

Tom S.

Tom S E-Bike TestimonialWhy I Ride An Electric Bike
My life has changed for the better since I bought my eBike. Aside from the many adventures I have had, the best thing about it is I am able to take my Grandchildren with me. I would never be able to do this without my eBike. Life is good!

Susan S

Susan S E-Bike TestimonialWhy I Ride An Electric Bike
I am 71 years old and have had my Specialized Como eBike for a year and a half. I can honestly say this bike has changed my life. I feel like a kid again and can go anywhere. Biking is my main way of exercising in these COVID times. I have put about 1500 miles on this bike and anticipate many more. I bike 4-5 days a week and especially enjoy the many bike trails available in Minnesota.

Cathy's Electric Bike Story

Nicole P.

Women hugging little girl posed next to their electric bike pulling a burley trailer

Why I Ride An Electric Bike

When I was 12 I was riding my bike and was hit by a car. It has caused lifelong mobility limitations as well as pain. I didn't get back on a bike for 20 years due to PTSD. I still have issues and avoid biking on shoulders of the road. So I stick to residential sidewalks and bike paths. But when I did ride a traditional bike, no matter what brand, it was painful not fun, and I couldn't do it very long. I wanted to enjoy riding with my kids without all the pain and struggle. I found myself looking at bikes and saw the eBikes. I tried one out and was sold.

In the last year since getting my eBike my bike riding experience has drastically changed for the better. Before my eBike I rode less than once a week. With my eBike I now ride almost every day there isn't snow on the ground. Before my eBike I could hardly bike 3/4 a mile and home on the bike path and I was in a lot of pain for days/weeks. With my eBike our longest trip was 24 miles round trip.

How my eBike has changed my life

I love my eBike. It's so easy to use and I don't have to think or worry I just bike and I can bike more often. Without my eBike I wouldn't be out and as active as I am now. My fitness is improving. It’s amazing having an activity I can do that doesn't hurt. When I'm having a bad pain day I can turn the battery up. When I want to challenge myself, I turn the battery down. If I start hurting I can turn the battery up and not worrying if I'm going to make it home.

ERIK'S Commuter Challenge

Jeremey W.

Man  in red jersey posing with his electric bike in front of a lighthouse by a lake

Why I Ride An Electric Bike

I am a single father with 3 kids under 10; it is almost impossible to get any real long road rides or MTB outings throughout the year.  In order to keep my racing fitness and hit my 100mi/week mileage goal, my eBike helps me be able to commute every day and stay healthy.

Tom's Electric Bike Story

Evan H.

Why I Ride An Electric Bike

I use my electric bike primarily for commuting purposes. My commute is 20+ miles each way, which can be tiresome on a regular bike after a long day at work. Zipping along on an eBike beats sitting in traffic any day, not to mention you're still getting a nice workout!

I still ride my other bikes quite a bit. I thoroughly enjoy mountain bike racing and long road riding, and the eBike has not changed that at all. Sometimes I will take my eBike out the day after a hard ride as a recovery tool.

Dave's Electric Bike Story

Mason R.

How my eBike has changed my life

I rode more last summer than I did the previous 5 years combined!  For the first time in 23 years of mountain biking, I was able to ride WITH my friends instead of having them wait at the next trail crossing.

Kate's Electric Bike Story

Ken's Electric Bike Story

Tom & Cathy's Electric Bike Story

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