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Why I Ride an Electric Bike — A Doctor’s Story

Doctor loves her eBike

Electric Bikes help you go further and faster, all while sporting a giant smile on your face. ERIK’S receives inspiring stories all the time on how owning an eBike has positively impacted someone’s life. Keep reading to hear one of our favorite’s from Rachel G, a Pediatrician in Illinois.

Rachel purchased her Specialized Vado 3.0 Step Through Electric Bike from ERIK’S in December 2019 — before she knew anything about COVID-19 and how that would drastically change everyone’s life. Like most people, biking became one of the main ways for her to safely get exercise, but riding an eBike specifically has benefited her in so many other ways.

Why do you ride an eBike? Rachel’s story —

Commute to work without the sweat.

I’m a pediatrician. My office is about 3 miles away from home… just far enough to build up a sweat when riding a regular bike.  

I bought my eBike for several reasons, the first being I wanted to simply be able to bike to work without a sweat. 

Inspire others to get out and ride safely!

Second, as a pediatrician, I work hard to educate kids and their parents about biking and walking safely to school. With other members of my community, we got a grant from Safe Routes To School in IL to map out routes and improve conditions for biking and walking to school. By biking every day, I set an example for my patients. They see me in the community with a helmet on my head and a smile on my face.

Reduce my carbon footprint.

Third, I wanted to make an impact on the environment in some small way.  I have already ridden 500 miles since I got the bike. That means 2 1/2 less tanks of gas and less wear and tear on our car.

Less driving, more riding!

Fourth, my 16 year-old son just got his license. We were talking about getting another car before I bought my bike. Now we can delay that for longer. He loves driving the car, and I love riding my bike!

It’s just fun to ride!

I love my eBike! It is so much fun to ride! The greatest compliment is when I ride by someone and they say, “nice bike”!

There was a little learning curve, but now I feel very safe on my bike and know how to safely share the road with cars.

There was a recent article in the New York Times talking about a study that found you actually get more exercise on an eBike because you use it more! I can confirm this!

It will be fun to start seeing more eBikes out there!

~Rachel G, Illinois

Ready to get your turbo smile on?

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