When in doubt, take the Santa Cruz Bronson or Juliana Rubion out!

Riding the Santa Cruz Bronson or Juliana Rubion in Woods

The latest bikes from bike siblings Juliana and Santa Cruz are the redesigned Santa Cruz Bronson and Juliana Rubion! These enduro-focused sleds with 150mm of travel in the back and 160mm upfront will make quick work of almost any descent that you throw them down and 2.6” tire clearance allows for plenty of rubber in the dirt.

The big story here is the mixed wheel setup!

29er up front and 27.5 in back (XS sizes run 27.5 in both the front and the back.) Why run this “mullet” setup? Simple. A 29” wheel and tire provides more traction to the front of the bike where it’s most needed while the 27.5” wheel and tire delivers quicker response to rear-wheel inputs. A smaller rear wheel also allows for the ability to tune the chainstay lengths for optimal handling characteristics.

person riding the Santa Cruz Bronson mountain bike through the woods

Perfectly dialed handling!

Speaking of optimal handling characteristics, the geometry of Rubion and Bronson have been given size-specific geometries for perfectly dialed handling at each individual size. As bikes get bigger, the rear center grows along with the front center. This results in an almost perfectly balanced ride. Overall, expect a 15mm longer reach and a .9° slacker headtube angle over previous versions.

Close-up of the Santa Cruz wheel and chain on the Bronson Mountain bike

There’s even a flip-chip on the shock mount that lets you adjust the bottom bracket height by 3mm, which in turn adjusts the head angle by .2°.

Close-up of the 15mm longer reach and a .9° slacker headtube

Like most of the other Juliana and Santa Cruz trail bikes, Rubion and Bronson feature the low shock placement and VPP linkage that we have come to love. By keeping the shock low in the frame you lower the center of gravity for more predictable handling. The VPP linkage has been further dialed for this generation to use a longer stroke shock for lower overall leverage but still offers a progressive, linear rate. This results in a lower instant center and anti-squat for less chain influence on the suspension for less pedal feedback as you move through the travel.

shock mount close-up on Santa Cruz mountain bike

Customize your ride!

Bronson and Rubion use a standard 230×60 shock so that riders can choose any air or coil shock that they choose if they want to customize their ride. There’s plenty of space in the frame for coil shocks and the kinematics of the VPP linkage have been engineered to use either style of shock.

closeup of Santa Cruz rubicon and Bronson shock

Speaking of any style, there’s a lot of standardization going on with the new Rubion and Bronson. A threaded bottom bracket makes maintenance easy, ISCG05 mounts let you mount a chain guide if you want, an IS headset keeps finding headset bearings easy, and they even use the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) for simple sourcing of a replacement hanger, should you need it.

woman standing holding shovel with dog near her in front of a Santa Cruz mountain bike on the ground

The Juliana Rubion is available in sizes XS, Small, and Medium while the Santa Cruz Bronson is available in sizes XS, Small, Medium, Large, and XL. Both bikes are available in the Carbon C and the light yet super strong Carbon CC frames in builds featuring almost all levels of mechanical and electronic shifting parts.

two people riding mountain bikes along a cliff overlooking the ocean in the distance

Lifetime Warranty? Oh yeah!

And, never forget about the amazing Santa Cruz and Juliana Lifetime Warranties on frames, pivot bearings, and Reserve Carbon Fiber Rims! The folks at Juliana and Santa Cruz are riders FIRST. They are dedicated to doing what it takes to keep riders in the dirt and their bikes out of the shop. Pair that with those super compatible and easy parts and the fact that they make great bikes from the get-go and you know that you’re in for years of ripping on a Juliana or Santa Cruz mountain bike!

guy riding a Santa Cruz mountain bike fast through the woods

Coming Soon!

Check out the redesigned Juliana Rubion (coming soon) and Santa Cruz Bronson at your local ERIK’S location or at shopERIKS.com!