Electric Bike Battery Storage & Winter Care

electric bike battery

Unfortunately, for many of us, winter means putting our electric bikes away. When it comes to storing an e-bike, electric bike battery storage, and motor care are important to think about. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your bike is in top shape come spring. Ride in the cold? We’ve got a few tips for you as well!

Winter = Best Time To Service Your Bike!

First, no matter what type of bike you have, winter is the perfect time to get your bike serviced. ERIK’S runs several Winter Bike Service Specials, which means you’ll save money and you won’t have to worry about having your bike worked on during the spring when you’d rather be riding!

ERIK'S Service working on an electric bike

DIY Bike Service Recommendations

If you opted not to have your bike professionally serviced, we recommend you wipe down your bike and lube the chain before storing it. That way your bike will be clean and ready to ride for next season.  Check out our Quick Tip videos on how to clean your bike and how to lube your chain.

Follow these simple DIY steps:

  1. Wipe down your bike with a rag or paper towel.  Finish Line makes an electric bike-specific cleaner.
  2. Lube the chain. We recommend using electric bike-specific lube because of the increased torque on the chain.

Electric Bike Battery Care & Storage

Now that your bike is set, let’s get to the electric bike battery storage & motor-specific care guidelines.

E-Bike Battery Storage

Your electric bike battery does not like extreme temperatures.  If your e-bike has a removable battery and the bike is going to be stored in a location where it will be exposed to very cold (or hot) temperatures (ex. uninsulated garage), you should remove the battery and store it someplace with normal room temperatures (55-75 degrees Fahrenheit). With the electric bike’s battery stored, you can store an e-bike any place you’d store a traditional bike.

If your bike doesn’t have a removable battery, then you should store the entire bike indoors. Keep this in mind for the summer if you live where temperatures heat up – you should store your battery in a climate-controlled environment.

electric bike battery panel

If your e-bike is going to be stored for an extended period of time (30 days or more), the battery should be kept charged to around 50-70%. The battery should never be stored fully charged or fully drained. Both are hard on the battery and can decrease their life.

You should check the battery every month and charge it back up to that 50-70% range if necessary. (Set those calendar reminders!)

Let’s recap how to care for and store your e-bike battery:

  1. Keep your electric bike’s battery stored (or your whole e-bike if the battery is not removable) someplace with normal room temperatures (55-75 degrees Fahrenheit).
  2. When storing your eBike for 30+ days, keep it charged at 50-70%.
  3. If you ride your e-bike throughout the winter, keep the battery warm (55-75 degrees Fahrenheit) right up until your ride.
riding an electric bike in cold weather

Riding In The Winter? Keep It Clean!

E-Bikes that are utilized in the winter months are likely to need more frequent cleaning. Especially because of the salt, you want to keep your bike clean to keep the components from corroding. But remember that when you wash your bike, don’t spray it with high pressure, and take particular care when cleaning around the motor.

Riding In Winter Care

If you do continue to ride your electric bike, the colder temperatures will affect your bike. First, riding your e-bike in the cold is perfectly fine. But you might notice that the battery drains faster. As the temperature drops below 60º F, you will start to experience a slight drop in battery life. Once the temperature reaches freezing, you could experience less than 50% of your normal battery life. The good news is that this is only a temporary effect and your battery will perform like normal when the temperatures rise again. One way to limit the impact is to start with a battery that’s been kept inside and warm right until you start your ride. And as outlined above, you should store and charge your battery indoors.

You Are Set!

Got any other questions about riding your electric bike in the winter or storing your electric bike’s battery? Let’s chat! Or stop into any ERIK’S location to take advantage of our great Winter Service Specials, and check out our great selection of electric bikes online!