Our famous Winter Bike Service Specials - discounted bike service prices - are only available from October to January.
But if you are looking to get your bike repaired, check out ERIK'S Care Bike Service Plans.

ERIK’S Service Departments work on most brands** of bikes and offer Same Day Bike Service on most repairs too. Whether you’re dropping your bike off for one of our Winter Service Specials, need a minor adjustment, or seeking a complete bike overhaul, our expert mechanics are ready to get you back out riding safely and at peak performance. We look forward to tuning up your bike soon!

**Due to a lack of proper technical support from many electric bicycle manufacturers, we are unable to service direct-to-consumer and, other off-brands.

ERIK'S Performance Winter Overhaul Bike Tune-Up - Save 50% Off Service!

Winter is the perfect time to give your bike the attention it deserves. The ERIK'S Performance Winter Overhaul Bike Tune-Up overhauls the major bearings systems on your bike. We disassemble all major bearing components, clean them and reassemble them with fresh grease (Drivetrain, Derailleurs, Brakes, Hubs). Your bike will also be cleaned and polished leaving it looking like new!

*The special price covers labor only. The cost of parts is not included. The ERIK'S Performance Winter Overhaul Bike Tune-Up is comparable to ERIK'S Performance Overhaul Bike Tune.

Winter Suspension Service Special

Keep your bike running the way it should and extend the life of your suspension systems with regular service. Just like the oil in your car, the suspension systems on your bike are subjected to the forces of mother nature and the environment including dust, moisture, heat and cold. By changing the fluids and seals regularly, you can make sure your bike suspension is running smoothly when it’s time to ride and eliminate costly repairs.

*Service does not include shocks requiring factory service.

Winter Hydraulic Disc Brake Service Special

Keep your bike and yourself safe and extend the life of your braking systems with this special Hydraulic Disc Brake Service. The braking systems on your bike come in contact with dust, moisture, heat and cold each time you ride. By changing the hydraulic fluids often, you'll ensure your bike's braking system is safe and effective. Additionally, by maintaining your brakes on a regular basis you can eliminate more costly repairs in the future.

Bring your bike in to your favorite ERIK’S today to take advantage of our Winter Bike Service Specials!