Aventon Level.2 – Commuting Just Got Easier!

aventon level.2 ebike

Aventon is back with an all-new version of their Level commuter electric bike. The Aventon Level.2 features awesome upgrades like integrated lights, a torque sensor in the motor, a water bottle mount, an updated display, and a couple of new colors! This bike includes a rack, fenders, and kickstand for those unfamiliar with the original Level. Everything you need for your daily commute! 

aventon level.2

Torque What? 

One of the most significant upgrades on the Level.2 over the original is the inclusion of a torque sensor in the motor- a first for Aventon. This means a smoother and more natural feeling to the motor engagement and pedal assist support (AKA better rider experience). If you’ve tried Aventon bikes in the past and weren’t sure, now is a great time to give them another chance with the Level.2! Test rides are always free at your local ERIK’S. 

back brake lights on aventon level.2

Bright Future 

The new Level.2 features an integrated headlight and taillights so you never have to worry about charging your lights again! The taillights are seamlessly placed into the seatstays and rear fender for ultimate visibility. The taillights also act as brake lights, activating whenever you pull the brake, even if the headlight is off. This will alert traffic behind you when you’re slowing down, increasing awareness and safety. Always great peace of mind when commuting. 

aventon level.2 in front of cyclist

Commuting Essentials 

The Level.2 has the same great features as the original Level like an included rack and fenders. The rack allows you to attach panniers or strap bags and other carriers to the top for ultimate hauling power. Add on a cargo trailer and the Level.2 can carry even more, taking you to and from the grocery store and beyond. All while the fenders keep you clean on those rainy days or while running through the occasional puddle. 

Gotta Go! 

Ready to get out there and spice up your daily commute? Check out the Aventon Level.2 at your local ERIK’S or online at shopERIKS.com