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Snowboard Bindings for Sale at ERIK’S

We have a huge selection of the best snowboard bindings for sale! Shop online or in-person at your local ERIK’S to find the perfect binders for your riding style.

Our binding selection cannot be beat! We sell Men's Bindings, Women's Bindings, and Kids Bindings. We stock the best brands including Burton, Ride, and Union. Any snowboarding style and skill level, we have the bindings for you.

Snowboard bindings are a very important part of your overall setup. The bindings are what connect you to your board and will determine how your board reacts to your motions and how it feels beneath your feet. Bindings will typically fall into the all-mountain, park, freestyle, and freeride categories. Snowboard bindings are most commonly strap in with two straps, however there are Step On Bindings which allow you to step into the bindings without the use of straps.

Need help finding the right binding, or want to learn more? Check out the binding section in our snowboard Buying Guide.

Still have questions? Our expert staff will help you find the perfect bindings for you to buy. Give us a call, chat now or stop by your local ERIK'S!