The Aventon Sinch – Your New Adventure Partner

The new Aventon Sinch V2

The Aventon Sinch is your new riding partner! This bike is rugged and versatile, so whether you’re taking a short supply run down the road or ripping it on the trail, this bike will get you there.

What you need to know about The Aventon Sinch

With the new Sinch, traveling with your bike has never been easier. The foldable design allows it to easily fit in your car, truck, RV, or whatever is taking you on your next adventure! 

With the four-inch-wide tires, you can rollover almost anything! This bike will take you wherever you want to go! 

And did we mention this bike is super comfortable to ride? In combination with the tires, a suspension fork absorbs all the bumps, on or off of the road, ensuring the smoothest ride ever!

Sinch V2

The new Sinch V2 is the ultimate folding ebike that will take you wherever you need to go. Aventon has updated the new Sinch V2 in a Cloud Gray color. They have also updated the display for app-enabled connectivity that will keep you in the know and in control of your ride.

aventon sinch v2

Sinch Step-Through

As the name entails this bike has a step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Who says rugged bikes can’t be comfortable (and stylish)? 

The Aventon Sinch ST comes in two colors: moss green and bonfire red.

2 aventon sinch bikes outside camper trailer in the desert

To get you where you’re going, the bike uses a 500-watt motor and a seven-speed drivetrain that will assist you while pedaling.  Need a little break? The Sinch also has a throttle to take you up to 20 mph. 

The internal battery not only looks sleek but will also provide an average range of 40 miles! Venture into the unknown or take a trip into town, the Sinch ST has the power to get you there, and back. 

riding the aventon sinch through the desert

And this bike is perfect for commuting! A powerful, comfortable option for getting to and from work or wherever else you need to go. With the foldability, you can fit the bike in a closet or under your desk. A great space saver if you have an apartment or your work doesn’t have a great bike storage solution. All this while still getting all the benefits of a fat tire ebike! 

Chomping at the bit? 

Check out the new Sinch V2 and Step-Through, the rest of Aventon’s line, or our whole ebike selection! Check with your local ERIK’S shop to schedule a test ride.