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Specialized ANGi – This Helmet Calls For Help When You Can’t

Specialized Helmet with ANGi Sensor

Many Specialized helmets feature an exciting new device that helps your helmet protect you even more. ANGi from Specialized can call for help when you can’t. They’ve also added MIPS protection as an option on every helmet for even greater safety. Specialized has transformed the modern helmet into a live tracking device, accident detector, and safety beacon that connects you to help when you need it most. Now let’s dive into ANGi and MIPS.

The ANGi, which stands for Angular and G-Force indicator, is a patented device that contains sensors that measure forces that typically occur during a bicycle crash. Just pair the sensor with the Specialized Ride App, which is available for iOS and Android, and ANGi is ready to help.

Here’s how it works:

  • If it detects a crash, it will sound an alarm and start a countdown.
  • If you’re okay, you can simply cancel the countdown and be on your way.
  • If you don’t stop the countdown and ANGi determines that you’re in need of help, it will send an alert to your selected contacts with your last known GPS location and a message that you’re in need of help.

All NEW in 2020! You can sync your ANGI sensor to the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Computer!

The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt works in conjunction with the Specialized Ride App to support alerts from the Specialized ANGi crash detector. If ANGi detects a potential crash, the countdown timer will appear on the Wahoo display. In the event the rider is OK and doesn’t need to call for help, the alert can be cancelled from the computer itself.

Angi works even when you ride out of cell service range

If you happen to head out on a ride that will take you out of cell service ANGi still has you covered. You just set your estimated ride time before you head out. If you haven’t finished your ride within the time frame, ANGi will send a notification to your contacts with your last uploaded location.

Specialized ANGi

Several Specialized helmet models now come equipped with an ANGi sensor, and all new Specialized helmets are ANGi-ready with a specially designed mount that makes attaching an aftermarket ANGi sensor quick and easy. The ANGi sensor can also be attached to almost any other helmet on the market today as an aftermarket accessory!Angi Sensor

Add MIPS technology for superb brain protection

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Helmets have long been made with foam liners that are designed to deform on impact and reduce the energy that’s transferred to your brain. These foam liners are great for linear (straight) forces, but not as great when it comes to rotational forces or when your head hits at an angle. MIPS is a low-friction liner within the helmet that allows the helmet’s foam liner to rotate and reduce twisting forces your brain would otherwise experience.

Learn more about MIPS here.

Specialized ANGi


With ANGi and MIPS technology, Specialized now offers the ultimate in helmet safety. ANGi equipped helmets are available now at your local ERIK’S and online at