The All-New Specialized Turbo Levo

When Specialized set out to design a new Turbo Levo, they weren’t interested in just a few tweaks and upgrades to an already amazing electric mountain bike. They wanted to re-think what an e-mountain bike could be and, ultimately, raise the bar. And they succeeded.

The frame’s geometry was also updated to that of a genuinely progressive 29″ trail bike, giving it a planted, stable feel in technical terrain that lets riders push their limits, whether it’s going up or down steep and sketchy terrain.

Specialized also reduced the weight of the bike thanks to the new frame, motor, and batteries. How much lighter did the bike get? On the S-Works model, it’s an incredible 800 grams (1.76 pounds) lighter than the previous S-Works Levo, and the new alloy frame is actually lighter than the previous carbon S-Works frame!

The Suspension

The in-house suspension team at Specialized custom tunes the rear shock and fork for each model of Levo to ensure the bikes perform exactly as Specialized intends. These aren’t parts that come out of a box and get bolted onto a frame. The end result is a bike that can handle everything from small bumps and trail chatter to technical descents and the trickiest climbs.

The Motor and Batteries

Specialized had a goal of creating the smoothest, quietest, and most powerful e-bike motor available. To do that, Specialized didn’t go for an out-of-the-box motor but instead worked from the ground up. In the end, they created a motor that’s lighter, 15% smaller, but also more efficient and powerful.

To power the new motor, Specialized used the most advanced lithium-ion technology to design a battery that has increased capacity but in a smaller package. This means that the Levo can go farther on a charge, but also have a smaller and lighter downtube.

The Controls

To get the most out of the new Levo, Specialized made the bike even smarter and better connected. Specialized developed a new version of their Mission Control app to give riders more control over the Levo. You’ll never have to worry about being caught on the trail without enough battery to get home thanks to the Smart Control feature, which lets riders set the Levo’s assist to last either the duration of the ride or until they reach a defined point. And the new Shuttle Mode lets you get the maximum assistance from the motor to take the sting out of long climbs to the top. All the fun of shuttle runs without the van!

The battery even has its own software to help ensure riders get as many miles as possible out of the battery and keep the battery healthy and long-lasting.

The End Result

As you can see, though the Specialized Turbo Levo name isn’t new, this bike is. A new frame, a new motor, a new battery, and new software. All of this means that Specialized has created the ultimate e-mountain bike. One that rides like a true trail bike while having the benefits of electric assist.

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