Kids! It’s time to Jett.

Kid riding in superhero on Specialized Jett bike

Bikes are more than just bikes. Bikes are freedom machines that can literally change lives! We’re excited to introduce the all-new Specialized Jett Kids bike – the most adjustable and highly kids-specific bike on the market today!

Do you remember when you first got on a bike and rode away?

The wind on your face, the feeling that you can go anywhere and explore anything? Outside. With friends. Free from the worries of growing up. And when you’re on a bike that delivers an amazing first ride, you’re more likely to keep riding for years and years, with your bike as your trusted companion.

kids riding the Specialized Jett Kids bike outside

Got a growing kid – the Jett is the bike for them!

This is the time in a kid’s life that they are growing at a tremendous rate. This makes an investment in quality, new bike a bold proposition, knowing that your growing rider could quickly need a new bike because they outgrew their old one.

Parents, Specialized just made this part of a young rider’s journey easier on you. We all know that Specialized builds kids’ bikes to deliver the same high-quality, high-performance experience you get from their adult bikes.

This is where the Jett family of bikes from Specialized comes in! Parents have been telling Specialized that they want to get more time on a bike before they have to invest in a bigger size, at least 3 summers.

young girl and tween girls riding the Specialized Jett Kids bikes

So, the team went to work. The same team that studies pro road and mountain bike racers started studying the growth rates of kids. They observed that kids in the age range of Jett, 5-12-year-olds grew faster in their arms and legs than they do in their torso. So, the bikes that they ride don’t necessarily need to get BIGGER to grow with their riders, they need to get TALLER and LONGER.

The Jett grows with your child.

That’s how we got to Jett, an adjustable kid’s bike that is designed to fit your kid as they grow.

All Jett models have frames that allow kids to safely stand over the bike when it’s new and adjust to get bigger as they grow.

Specialized Jett Kids bike grows with your kid
Specialized Jett Kids Bike

Designed to make your kid want to ride more!

Kid’s specific seats and narrow q-factor cranks help keep your young rider’s hips, knees, and ankles in alignment, leading to less pain and more comfort. The narrow grips and short-reach brake levers give riders with smaller hands more confidence and control over their bike. All of these factors lead to more capable comfort, making them want to ride more.

closeup of the specialized Jett Kids bike handlebars and seat post

Extra-long seatposts and adjustable handlebars for the win!

As the kids grow, the bike can grow with them! Jett bikes have extra-long seatposts that extend way out of the frame to grow with the kids’ legs, about 60mm longer than most other kids’ bikes. The handlebars are designed to be adjusted out to allow for growing arms and the brake levers can be adjusted out to grow with the kid’s hands.

closeup of the specialized Jett Kids bike handlebars and seat post

Extendable cranks – oh yeah!

Finally, the crank arms on the geared 20″ and 24″ bikes have two positions to extend the cranks as your kid grows.

closeup of the specialized Jett Kids bike cranks

Use the Specialized Fit Tool App to adjust the Jett to your growing kid!

Now, I know that most of you aren’t bike fitters, and knowing how to set up the bike and then make adjustments as your kid grows is a mystery. Thankfully Specialized developed the Fit Tool App. Simply select which bike they are riding and enter the rider’s measurements. The Fit Tool will calculate how to set up the bike for a great fit. All the tools that you need to make these adjustments come with their new Jett, even a torque wrench! Be sure to revisit the Fit Tool every 6 months, or more often if that little rider is growing like a weed!

Buy the all-new Jett in person at ERIK’S or online!

Speaking of tools and stuff, if your new Jett comes from one of our local ERIK’S locations, we will have it assembled and ready to go for you, and you’ll get all of your tools in the manual packet. If you purchase a new Jett from your bike will come in a box ready to assemble. Don’t worry, our friends at Specialized will walk you through the assembly of your new bike and how to get it set up for that first ride!

I could tell you how to assemble or adjust the bike but our young friend at Specialized did a much better job than I ever could!

tools needed to assemble the Specialized Jett Bike at home.

Once you’ve made all the adjustments that you can and it’s time for a new, bigger bike, be sure to take advantage of ERIKS Bike Trade-In Program! Get some dollars back for that Jett to put toward the new bike!

Now, let’s take a look at the different models of the Specialized Jett.

All Jett models feature a freewheel and hand brakes. Jett is designed as a steppingstone bike used to develop skills that young riders will use as they grow. Because of this, no coaster brakes, and no training wheels! All wheel sizes roll along on Specialized Pathfinder 2″ tires, most at home on pavement but perfectly capable of ripping across the grass or down that gravel path.

closeup of specialized Jett Kids bike pathfinder tires

Specialized Jett 16″ Singlespeed Kids Bike

Specialized Jett 16" Singlespeed Kids Bike

Starting things off is Jett 16″ Singlespeed designed for kids aged 4 to 7, between 36″ and 46″. Super simple, Super adjustable with front and rear handbrakes and a single-speed freewheel cog. Designed for kids ready to move on from their balance bike or coaster brake bike, ready for hand brakes.

Specialized Jett 20″ Singlespeed Kids Bike

Specialized Jett 20" Singlespeed Kids Bike

As they grow, it’s time for Jett 20″ Singlespeed. Designed for riders aged 6 to 9 and 40″ to 51″ tall. Set up the same as the 16″ Jett, just a bit bigger.

Specialized Jett 20″ Multispeed Kids Bikes

Specialized Jett 20" Multispeed Kids Bikes

Jett 20″ Multispeed is designed for riders aged 6 to 9 and 40″ to 51″ tall, same as the single-speed 20″ version but adds a 7-speed drivetrain to the bike and an adjustable length crank.

Specialized Jett 24″ Multispeed Kids Bike

Specialized Jett 24" Multispeed Kids Bike

Jett 24″ Multispeed is for riders aged 8 to 12 and 45″ to 55″ tall. Jett 24″ has an 8-speed drivetrain and an adjustable length crank, just like the 20″ bike.

Start them off right!

And that’s Specialized Jett. Start the kids off right with a high-quality, adjustable bike that will grow with your young rider. Plant the seed of bicycling awesomeness early and they’ll grow into lifelong cyclists!

The rest of the Specialized Youth Bikes.

Specialized Jett Kids Bikes.

Specialized still has the Hotwalk balance bike along with the Riprock 12″, Riprock 16″, and Riprock 20″ coaster brake bikes for riders who need training wheels and a coaster brake. If your little ripper is more into Mountain Biking, the Riprock 20″ and Riprock 24″ geared bikes are a great choice!

Check them out.

Check out all of the Specialized Jett bikes, along with the rest of the Specialized kid’s bikes, at your Local ERIK’S Location or at !

Now grab your helmet and Jett!