Introducing the Amazing Specialized Creo SL E-Road Bike!

Specialized Turbo Creo Electric Road Bike

Specialized has long been a leader in electric bikes. Their newest eBike, the Creo SL, is their first entry into eRoad bikes. It’s a completely different kind of electric bike unlike any other eBike on the market today! Keep reading to find out why.

The Specialized Creo SL is a road bike that is ready to take you to places that you only imagined you could go. When you are on the Creo SL, the climbs get flattened, the headwinds get turned around into tailwinds, and the gravel turns into the smooth pavement!

close-up of the Specialized Creo eRoad Bike frame

With a geometry based on the super-capable Specialized Diverge, the Creo SL gives you a confident yet capable body position. The 11r Carbon frame has clearance for skinny road tires all the way up to wide, 700×42 (38mm with fenders) gravel tires for when the pavement ends, and the gravel begins! You can even run 650x47mm tires if that’s your jam!

three different Specialized Creo eRoad Bike models

The S-Works and Expert models are designed for the road with 700×28 tires while the Expert EVO model is very happy on the gravel and dirt roads with 700×38 Pathfinder tires, flared handlebars, and a dropper post!

Closeup of the Specialized Creo SL electric road bike power on and shifters

The Creo SL is also available in Comp Carbon and Comp Carbon EVO models. The Comp Carbon is a road-focused eBike featuring a Shimano GRX 1x drivetrain and DT Swiss R470 alloy wheels paired with Specialized Turbo Pro tires while the Comp Carbon EVO is more off-road and gravel happy with the same drivetrain and wheels but with a flared adventure handlebar, Specialized Pathfinder tires, and a dropper post!

Specialized Creo SL Comp Carbon alongside the Specialized Creo SL Comp Evo

Rounding out the Specialized Creo SL lineup is the Comp E5. This amazing value features a Shimano GRX 1x drivetrain, DT Swiss R470 wheels paired with Specialized Turbo Pro tires, all built on a Specialized E5 Aluminum Alloy frame. This lightweight frame gives you all of the benefits of the revolutionary Turbo Creo SL technology at a very approachable price point.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL E5 Electric Road Bike

For those times when the road gets rough, all Carbon Creo SL models come equipped with the revolutionary, hydraulically damped Future Shock 2.0 featuring compression adjustment. The Creo SL E5 model uses the spring-damped Future Shock 1.5. By suspending YOU and not the bike, you are able to pull more control, confidence, and comfort out of the bike than ever before!

The insides of the Specialized SL 1.1 motor

The amazing SL 1.1 motor delivers a seamless, natural ride feeling that is silky smooth, and virtually silent. Even though this motor delivers up to 240 watts of power and a ton of torque, it’s tuned so that the torque and power delivered to the rider in a super smooth, natural output curve that mimics your natural riding cadence almost perfectly. And, when there’s no assistance being given there is no drag to hold you back! It really does feel like it’s you, only faster.

Specialized Creo SL close-up image of the power on and off switch

Want to go faster for longer? Then the Creo SL is the bike for you! There are three different levels of assistance with the highest level of assistance capable of pushing you up to 28 miles per hour!

Close up of the Specialized Creo SL eRoad Bike pedal

All of this power and torque is packed into a super lightweight package weighing just over 4 pounds!

Specialized Creo battery and motor visual inside of the bike

Powering the SL 1.1 motor is the 320Wh internal battery that delivers a range of up to 80 miles. Add on the 160Wh Range Extender battery, and you can go even further! The Range Extender battery comes stock on S-Works bikes and is aftermarket for all other models.

Specialized Mission Control App closeup on phone next to Creo SL bike

The Creo SL works seamlessly with the Mission Control App to let you as the rider finely tailor your riding experience to your wants and needs. Mission Control lets you tune the SL1.1 motor for your riding style, manage battery usage so that you never have to worry about how much charge will be left at the end of a ride, and you can even record your rides! Don’t want to be tethered to a phone to use your bike? No worries! The TCU unit on the top tube allows you to control your functions without having to connect to the app!

Specialized Creo SL electric road Bike being weighed at 27 pounds 13 ounces

All of this power and speed HAS to come with a ridiculous weight penalty, right? WRONG! The Founders Edition S-Works model weighs in at just over 26 pounds. More impressively, the Expert model shown here weighs in at only 27 pounds 13 ounces! That’s a lot of power and speed at a super lightweight! Ever wonder why they call it the Creo SL? Well, wonder no more!

Specialized Creo SL electric road bike

Are you the person who wants the best of the best? Because I have a bike for you!

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

The Specialized Turbo Creo SL is such a game-changing eRoad bike that it’s truly a whole new sport. The S-Works Turbo Creo SL Founder’s Edition celebrates this like no other bike on this planet!

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

The S-Works Turbo Creo SL Founders Edition is built on the stock S-Works bike but it lets you have all of this amazing bike in an even lighter package! Here’s how that was accomplished –

  • S-Works Short and Shallow Carbon Handlebars
  • S-Works Cotton 28mm Tires
  • 11-40 XTR Cassette
  • Oversized CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels
  • Gold Foil Logos (to match the gold anodized bolt-on thru-axles)
  • GPS Mount
  • Custom Body Geometry S-Works Power Saddle with Matching gold highlights

To learn more about the Creo SL visit your local ERIK’S Location or online at!