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Gocycle Drops Their 4th Generation of Folding Electric Bikes – the G4 Series

Two People riding Gocycle G4 folding electric bike models closeup

When Gocycle launched their innovative design for lightweight, portable eBikes designed for urban riding, they set a new standard. Now, on their 4 generation, Gocycle has taken things to the next level with the G4, G4i, and G4i+ bikes!

At the heart of the new G4 models is the G4drive™ electric motor.

This compact fork-based motor puts out 500 watts of power to provide a smooth ride, delivering more torque, power, and low-speed starting all while being remarkably quiet. The G4drive electric motor has been under development for years and, rest assured, has been rigorously tested to meet GoCycle’s high standards of reliability.

Gocycle G4 Drive Motor

Super Lightweight Frame

Weighing in at as little as 36lbs for the G4i+, the G4 line of eBikes is one of the lightest folding electric bikes on the market due to the single-sided carbon fork, carbon fiber mid-frame, hydroformed alloy front frame, and GoCycle’s patented magnesium Cleandrive.

GoCycle Closeup of Lightweight Frame

Moto GP Inspired Tires

The ride quality and handling of the G4 series of eBikes have been improved by the custom-designed, MotoGP-inspired treaded tire. The tread of the new tire is infused with a silica compound for remarkable grip and traction and the wider width and air volume smooth out the ride over varying surfaces. Further smoothing things out is the Gocycle Lockshock in the rear providing 1” of cushioning travel.

Gocycle Moto GP Tires

Removable Lithium-Ion Battery

Power to the motor is provided by a removable lithium-ion battery that is seamlessly integrated into the frame. This removable battery provides a range of up to 40 miles for the G4 and up to 50 miles for the G4i and charges in as fast as 3 hours due to a new 4A, 36v charger.

Gocycle G4 Battery

Compact and Foldable Design

If space is an issue, never fear! The intuitive folding mechanism allows the G4 series of eBikes to fold and stow into a compact package in just 10 seconds! Once folded up, use G4’s wheels to maneuver wherever you need to go. One single titanium bolt keeps everything perfectly aligned.

Gocycle G4 Foldable Bikes

Intuitive, Automatic Shifting

One of the coolest features comes on the G4i and G4i+ models – automatic, predictive shifting to the Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal hub!  You no longer have to worry about which gear to be in! Simply pedal and the bike will shift for you! The G4 version uses a mechanical shifting system from Microshift.

Two people riding Gocycle G4 Folding Electric Bikes

Integrated Charging Port

Never worry about running out of juice on your phone while riding the G4! An integrated USB port allows you to plug directly into the bike’s battery to keep your communication and navigation fully charged. This allows you to take advantage of all of the features of the GocycleConnect App to see all the ride data that you want including power!

Close-up Gocycle G4 Folding Electric Bike Charging Port

Disc Brakes Included

All G4 models have a top assisted speed of 20mph and are stopped with hydraulic disc brakes.

Gocycle G4 Disc Brake Close-up

Now, let’s dive into the different Gocycle G4 models.

Gocycle G4 Folding Electric Bike

The entry Gocycle G4 model features the same frame and fork of the rest of the G4 models and houses a 300wh battery with an approximate range of 40 miles and a charge time of approximately 3 hours.

Gocycle G4 Folding Electric Bike Models

Gears are changed using a mechanical shifter connected to a Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal hub and there is an LED fuel gauge on the handlebars. You can also connect to the GocycleConnect App on your device.

Gocycle G4 Mechanical Gear Shifter Close-up

G4 rolls on magnesium mag wheels and has an approximate overall weight of 36.6 pounds.

G4Drive Electric Motor Close-up

Gocycle G4i Folding Electric Bike

Step up to the G4i and you get intuitive, predictive, automatic shifting connected to the same 3-speed hub. G4i has an approximate range of 50 miles due to the upgraded 375wh battery which charges in approximately 3.5 hours.

Gocycle G4i Folding Electric Bikes

The dashboard is upgraded to show info like fuel level, speed, and gear efficiency and can also be connected to the GocycleConnect App on your device.

Gocycle G4i Cockpit Close-up

Lighting your way is an integrated Daytime Running Light with 4 modes that you can select. G4i uses the same magnesium mag wheels as G4 and has the same approximate weight of 36.6 pounds.

Gocycle G4i headlight close-up

Gocycle G4i+ Folding Electric Bike

The top-end G4i+ provides all of the upgrades that you get with the G4i but with Carbon Fiber wheels!

Gocycle G4i Folding Electric Bike Models
Gocycle G4Drive Electric Motor

These Carbon Fiber Wheels drops the approximate weight to 35.9 pounds!

Now go get your Gocycle grin on!!!

The new Gocycle G4 models deliver a smoother, lighter, and more powerful ride. Swing into your local ERIK’S for more details or shop the new G4 models online now!