Globe Haul ST & LT Electric Cargo Bikes

globe haul electric cargo bike

Globe is back! Globe is a Specialized brand for their new line of practical electric cargo bikes. This starts with the Globe Haul Electric Cargo Bike ST (Short Tail). The Haul ST is great for its affordability, ruggedness, and customization. There are many great accessories available for the Haul including a passenger handle, a passenger seat, a front rack, pannier racks (front or rear), and even an optional throttle! The Haul ST comes stock with fenders, a rear rack, integrated lights, and a dual-foot kickstand. 

The Globe Haul LT (Long Tail) is the newest member of the Globe family, bringing everything we loved about the ST into a longer, more capable package. With the capability to hold up to Six CoolCave Panniers and up to three kids on the rear for a combined cargo and Rider weight of 441lbs, the Haul LT is designed for everything you’ve got… and then some. With the added room on the tail comes the option for new running boards to keep your passengers secure, as well as doublewide cargo bags to help you with the most involved errands you can dream up.  

Stand Out Features 

  • 28 mph top pedal assist speed
  • Up to 60-mile range while loaded
  • One size with incredible adjustment options to fit almost anyone
  • 340 lbs. weight capacity (rider + cargo)
  • Plentiful accessory options to customize to your exact needs
  • Backing and support from Specialized
  • Quality components at an affordable price


With all those options this bike seems very capable, but there’s even more! Customization comes in two forms on this e-bike. The bike is one size but easily adjustable with a telescoping seat post with a quick release on the top portion and a quill stem to adjust handlebar height. 

The other aspect of customization is the rails of the front and rear racks. They are made with a slot system like 80/20 aluminum extrusion if you’re familiar. This will allow riders to custom fabricate mounts for anything and everything. Specialized will also be selling standalone rails that can be mounted to almost anything you can screw or bolt into. This system opens a whole new world of what can be attached. It also makes it much easier than attachments used to be. You can tell the designers at Globe are truly trying to replace the car with all the features packed into the Haul ST.  

Globe Haul Electric Cargo Bike Drive System

Let’s turn our attention to the drive system. The Haul ST uses a custom Globe rear hub motor and drive system powered by a 772Wh battery. The Haul ST can carry a combined weight of 340 lbs. (cargo + rider) for up to 60 miles! It features a nine-speed drivetrain to get up any hill or race through the flats and hydraulic disc brakes to bring you powerful and consistent stopping power, even when you’re loaded up. 

Why Ride The Globe Haul E-Bike

The Globe Haul ST knocks it out of the park for their first cargo e-bike. It comes stock with accessories that just make sense, like fenders, a rear rack, integrated lights, and a dual-foot kickstand. With ample first and third-party accessory options, you can get the exact ride you want. Pair the Globe Haul ST with a front rack and four panniers or a trailer and you’ve got a true hauling machine. While this e-bike comes in only one size, the quick adjustment options like the telescoping seat post and adjustable handlebars make it incredibly easy to switch between riders. This is great no matter whose turn it is to take the kids to school. With a total carrying capacity of 340 lbs. and a range of up to 60 miles, go anywhere with everything! 

globe haul e-bike

Check It Out At ERIK’S

If you’ve been thinking it’s time to ditch the car or simply want to replace some car commutes with a bike ride, check out the Globe Haul ST today! Stop into your local ERIK’S or check it out online at