Burton Step On – Ditch The Straps!

Burton Step On Boots and bindings

Burton has, once again, revolutionized snowboard technology with their Step On boot and binding system!

What is the Burton Step On? It’s a boot and binding system that provides unprecedented convenience and performance in one no-compromise system. Spend less time messing with your bindings and more time shredding that powder!

A Better Experience With Burton Step On

Burton Step On provides the quickest and most intuitive boot and binding interface. To enter the binding, you simply Step On and go. The boot is then attached to the binding with three connection points – two by the toe and one at the heel. You pull the quick-release lever to exit the binding, and you’re out. The binding will then be reset for hands-free entry.

snowboarder walking up snowy hill with Burton strap on bindings on snowboard

Step On isn’t just about convenience! Step On delivers a noticeably more responsive feel to your heel-to-toe and toe-to-heel transitions by solidly attaching the boots to the bindings. With less flex at the boot and binding connection, less energy is lost. Less flex means less fatigue allowing you to rip the hills longer.

Burton Step On Binding System Q & A

Can you use Step On Bindings with any board?

The Burton Step On system is universally compatible with all current mounting systems. So no matter the board, you can enjoy Burton Step On!

snowboarder stepping into burton step on bindings

Are Step On Bindings Safe?

Very! Step On has a 3-connection point system: one on the heel and two on either side of the toes. The bindings go through the same rigorous testing that all Burton bindings do. They also meet all safety legal standards.

Will ice & snow build up to prevent you from stepping on?

No. But, just like regular bindings, you need to wipe off snow and ice from the baseplate before stepping down.

Can I use the bindings with any boot?

The Step On system is a full boot and binding system that requires compatible Step On boots and bindings.

Will Step On bindings release when you fall (like skis)?

No, Step On Bindings are just like traditional bindings. Your boot will only come out when the release lever is pulled and secured.

snowboarder taking off Burton step on bindings

What Makes The Step On System?

Boa Closure and Lace option boots: Some Burton Step On boots are available in the Boa Closure system for easy adjustments, even while wearing mittens. Some boots are also available in classic lace style boots.

Toe Cleats: These attach the front of the boot to the Step On system.

Heel Cleat: This is the key locking part of the Step On system – ensuring the rider is locked in the bindings.

Toe Hooks: These connect with the Toe Cleats.

Heel Buckle: This connects with the heel cleat locking the heel of the boot.

Quick Release Lever: This is why getting out of the Step On system is so easy. Just pull up, and the boot is out!

Burton Step On – For All Riders

Step-in bindings have come a long way in the last 30 years. These aren’t your parent’s step-in bindings. Burton Step On boots and bindings have been tested and performed in all terrain. Of course, the nature of these bindings is great for beginners learning to ride due to the ease of use. These bindings are also perfect for ANY snowboarder out there that wants to spend less time messing with their bindings and spend more time shredding that fresh powder!

Time To Get Fitted

Interested in trying on Burton Step On boots and bindings? Check with your local ERIK’S store to find availability for a fitting. You can also check what we have in stock at shoperiks.com.