New Bike Sizing at ERIK'S

At ERIK'S we use our sizing process with every road bike, triathlon bike, and high end mountain bike before it goes out for a test ride. This ensures you are on the correct size bicycle, and that it is adjusted comfortably so you can just focus on the ride. You can also purchase a Sizing for $60 if you have a bike that needs some minor adjustments to help make it more comfortable.

Not sure if you need a Bike Fit or a Bike Sizing? Please check out our Blog Article Fit vs Sizing.

Our Sizing System Addresses:

Choice: With so many Brands, styles, geometries and, sizes to choose from, selecting a new bike can be a bit challenging. Going through the sizing process first helps to narrow down the best style and models that work best for you based on what fit geometry and size.

Proportions: People come in all sizes and shapes and so should their bikes. We take careful measurements of you to help determine the correct size, style, and geometry bicycle that works best for your body.

Comfort: Once you have chosen a bike we set it up for you and have you test it out in a stationary trainer, so that we can get feedback on how it feels and make any necessary adjustments to make sure your new bike is comfortable and set up properly for you.

  • Accurate and detailed system to determine the correct bike size for any rider
  • Available for new bikes or old favorites
  • Measurement of key physical attributes using cycling specific measurement tools and custom software
  • Precise saddle height adjustment
  • All purchases will be subject to verification prior to sending rebate amount
  • Handlebar set to comfortable reach and height
  • $60 Value - FREE with any Road/Triathlon or Performance Mountain bike purchase