Ski Repair, Service, and Maintence at ERIK'S

Downhill Ski Tuning, Repair & Maintenance

ERIK'S has a professionally trained service department ready to handle all of your ski service and repair needs from October to February.

ERIK'S Ski Service locations offer the latest tuning technology by Wintersteiger to ensure your skis will be tuned to factory standards. Bring your Downhill Skis in for a free repair estimate by an ERIK'S Service Technician.

Please Note: Our Dinkytown/Minneapolis, Madison Downtown and Milwaukee Eastside locations are unable to mount, adjust or DIN test ski bindings. All other Ski Services are available at those stores.

ERIK'S General Downhill Ski Services Include:

  • Ski Binding Inspection, Binding Mounting and Binding Function Testing (DIN Testing)
  • Ski Tuning
  • Ski Waxing
  • Base Repair, Edge Replacement and Tunes
  • Free Ski Binding Installation with purchase of new skis from ERIK'S
  • Free Ski Waxing with purchase of new skis from Erik's

Downhill Ski Services and Repairs


Ski Belt TuneIncludes base cleaning, minor p-tex repair, sharpen and polish edges, and hand waxing with all-temp wax
Ski Stone TuneIncludes base cleaning, minor p-tex repair, standard structure, sharpen and polish edges, and hand waxing with all-temp wax
Performance wax upgradeUpgrade the wax used on the Belt or Stone Tune to a temperature specific wax instead of all-temp for best performance
Ski Hot waxRemoval of old wax, cleaning of base, hot wax, scrape and buff
Ski Performance Hot WaxRemoval of old wax, cleaning of base, hot wax with temperature specific wax, scrape and buff
Ski Edge TuneSharpen, polish and de-tune the edges as needed
Ski Binding installationMount traditional bindings to a flat ski. Includes DIN testing
DIN testingAdjustment of settings to existing equipment for a different skier or for when a skier's ability level has changed
Ski Pole sizingSize and cut downhill ski poles appropriate to skier height
Ski De-lamination RepairClean out and repair and clamp small edge de-lamination

What's the difference between a Stone Tune and a Belt Tune?

While a Belt Tune yields a smooth base, a Stone Tune adds 'structure', or a more complex shape than a belt tune. This structure results in better performance and greater durability of the finish on the base.

Other Ski Services Offered:

Ski Base Repair, Ski Base Patching, Ski Edge Replacement and repair or replacement of stripped Ski Binding Inserts. Since every job is different, please bring your skis into your local ERIK'S for a Free Estimate.

Please note: DIN testing is not available at our Minneapolis/Dinkytown, Leawood, Overland Park, Liberty and Des Moines/Rassy's locations.