KIds' ski & Snowboard Leasing

Kids' Ski & Snowboard Leasing is no longer available for the '22-'23 season

Our Kids' Ski & Snowboard Leasing Program is closed for the season, but we do still have Kids' Skis and Kids' Snowboards. Check out our selection online! To be notified when next season's leasing program opens click here.

A few simple steps is all it takes to lease ski or snowboard equipment for the season! Stop in to your local ERIK'S location and get started today!

ERIK'S offers Premier Snowboard and Ski Leasing in our Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota locations.

NOTE: Leasing is not available in our Kansas and Arizona stores.

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Benefits of Leasing with ERIK'S

  • High-Quality Name Brand Equipment: Lease some of the best brands on the slopes.

  • Safety: Your child will ski or snowboard on the same equipment all season - which will help ensure both safety, fun and skill progression.

  • The Right Fit: The equipment is properly sized, set up and tuned specifically for your child.

  • It's easy: Only a few simple steps to getting your child on the hill.

  • Includes Durable Equipment Bags: Each lease includes durable ski/snowboard and boot bags pre-tagged with your child's name.

  • No Lines: Avoid the long equipment rental lines at the hill, you'll have the gear for the entire season.

  • Buyout Option: Want to keep the equipment? We offer a great Buyout Option at the end of the season.

What's Included with the Lease?

  • All of the hardgood equipment needed for skiing or snowboarding, specifically designed for kids from premium brands that we stock and ride:

  • Skis or Snowboard

  • Ski or Snowboard Boots

  • Ski or Snowboard Bindings

  • Professional Sizing and Set-up

  • Durable Padded Equipment Bags (Skis/Snowboard and Boots). Each Pre-Tagged with Your Child's Name.

lineart of skis, snowboard, boots and bindings and how they are packed in Lease Bags at ERIK'S

Leasing FAQs