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Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Sale at ERIK’S

We have a huge selection of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for sale! Shop online or in-person at your local ERIK’S Bike Shop to find the perfect bike. 

Our Full Suspension Mountain Bike selection cannot be beat! We sell Carbon and Aluminum mountain bikes. We also sell Electric Mountain Bikes. We stock the best brands including Specialized and Santa Cruz! Any riding style and skill level, we have the bike for you. 

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Mountain Bikes are designed for the dirt. Singletrack trails, double-track, rocky terrain, dirt fire roads, the desert… and yes, the mountains, are exactly the kinds of landscapes that these bikes are made for. As the name implies, a full-suspension bike will have suspension in the front and rear. The suspension allows the bike to tackle rough terrain with ease, providing more control, speed, and comfort to the rider. Full-suspension setups are found on many different types of mountain bikes, with shorter to longer travel depending on the bikes intended use.

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