ERIK'S Cycling Group Ride Etiquette Information

The goal of all group rides at ERIK’S is to have fun. Being safe and following the rules of the road ensures that everyone has a good ride. Riding responsibly is not only for your own safety, but that of your fellow cyclists. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you hit the road.

Ride Predictably: This is the most important rule of riding in a group, it involves all aspects of riding from changing positions in the group to following the traffic rules. Being predictable helps everyone ride together safely and more efficiently.

Announce Hazards: When you are in the lead, you are responsible for the safety of yourself and everyone behind you. Point out and call out all possible road hazards.

Signal: Signaling lets everyone know what's coming up, it’s also a good idea to give loud vocal warnings when slowing down, turning, as well as stopping.

Don’t Half Wheel: If you are overlapping wheels with the rider in front of you it only takes them to move over a few inches, and you and anyone behind you could go down. Stay back and stay safe give the rider in front of you some space, you'll still get plenty of draft.

Ride Steady: Hold your line and maintain a steady speed, do not yo-yo in the pack. When you take the lead, hold the current pace. If you want to accelerate do it gradually and only after the previous leader has rejoined the rear of the group. Riding steady does not only refer to speed it also pertains to effort, when riding into or with a headwind, up or down a hill, stay consistent with your effort or exertion.

Don't ride on aero bars: You can join a group ride with a Triathlon or TT bike, but for the safety of everyone you cannot ride on the aero bars in a group ride.

Follow all traffic laws: Drivers expect cyclists to follow traffic laws, don’t blow stop signs or traffic lights. If the group does get separated at an intersection, the lead group should pedal softly until the rest have rejoined. If you are caught by the light, DO NOT run a red light to stay with the group. In an altercation with a car, the car will always win.

New to Group Rides? If you are new to group riding, let the ride leader know. Riding in a group isn’t exactly intuitive, we are here to help you get comfortable with the process.

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