Body Geometry Triathlon Bike Fit

Woman Body Geometry Fit Specialist measuring woman cyclist on bike


UPDATE: Bike Sizing and Bike Fitting services are currently not offered.

  • Event length considerations
  • Balanced rider position to achieve best aerodynamics, power, and efficiency
  • Position optimized near rider limits, while maintaining comfort
  • Computrainer pedal stroke assessment ( Spin Scan) and power assessment
  • Video capture system allows you to see position changes, and affects on aerodynamics
  • Full fit report and videos from fit session
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Price: $309.99
  • Please note: due to differing needs of our clients, we may recommend the purchase of small parts to properly achieve the best fit

Available by appointment only at ERIK'S Fit Lab Stores - Questions? Email us!

Body Geometry Triathlon Bike Fit Process

1 . Rider Profile Interview: Every fit, whether a novice or experienced cyclist, starts with an interview between our fit specialist and the rider to understand each rider's injury history, needs and goals.

2 . Physical Assessment: This is the key to the Body Geometry fit process, allowing our fit specialists to develop an accurate picture of a rider's flexibility and other physical attributes, so they'll be able to make the proper adjustments to help you be one with your bike.

3 . Side View: Assessed from the side, the goal is to determine their unique active riding position that's both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to seat height, handlebar position, stem length, and cleat placement.

4 . Front View: Unique to the Body Geometry fit process, this frontal view analysis will optimize their hip, knee, and foot alignment for greater performance, power delivery, and injury prevention.

5 . Follow Up: With each fit we include a follow up appointment, to ensure that all changes to the rider's position are working optimally.

We look forward to working with you! Triathlon Bike Fits are available by appointment only at ERIK'S Fit Lab Stores. Questions? Email us!