The Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer – Wifi Enabled

Bike attached to Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer

We all love biking outside! Sometimes, weather and busy schedules make those rides hard to squeeze in. We have products that make indoor cycling as much fun as the real thing! With Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainers, you can use your own bike that you know so well. This allows you to train indoors just like you train outside. As the #1 Wahoo dealer in the US, ERIK’S is here to help you learn all about this amazing trainer.

Want an amazing indoor cycling experience? Look no further…

The KICKR Smart Trainer has long been the choice of riders who want the best, most realistic indoor riding experience and the most recent version is no different!

Fantastic Features

Simple features that offer convenience go a long way. The ERG Easy Ramp makes transitions back into intervals easier by spreading the build over 10 seconds vs forcing you to a rapid rebound. The built-in odometer allows you to precisely track lifetime stats on the rides you’ve worked hard for. Lastly, the automatic firmware updates ensure improved functionality for you and the features they’ve created.

The most exciting feature of the Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer is the all-new KICKR AXIS Action Feet! These adjustable feet can be fine-tuned to offer you up to 5° of lateral movement while you ride your bike. This provides a more realistic ride feel as you complete your workouts. More importantly, the KICKR AXIS feet allow you to move more naturally while riding indoors, reducing fatigue and allowing you to ride longer and harder.

Its 16-pound flywheel and internal programming require no calibration and are +/- 1% accurate! This provides you with a realistic road feel whether you’re free-riding the trainer or using it with one of its many compatible apps, such as Zwift or FulGaz. You can even pair your KICKR with a Wahoo ELEMNT cycling computer to ride your favorite outdoor routes.

To take your indoor riding to the ultimate level of a realistic feel, the KICKR is compatible with the KICKR CLIMB. You can learn more about the complete Wahoo Trainer Ecosystem here on our site and see what works best for you!

WiFi Enabled

The Kickr smart trainer and smart bike have added lightning-fast WiFi connectivity. This connectivity offers larger data transfer and better stability, so you get fast accurate stats when you need them making this the ultimate indoor trainer for you to set goals, work out and then surpass them. Now you can compete and train indoors with the most connected cycling experience.

Oh so quiet.

The KICKR isn’t only one of the most realistic-feeling trainers; it’s also one of the quietest on the market. As you ride the KICKR, the only sound that you’ll hear is the sound of your bike as you turn over the pedals and change gears (and maybe your heart pounding when you really push yourself.)

Super easy at-home setup.

The setup of the KICKR is simple as it’s fully assembled in the box and features tool-free adjustments for wheel sizes from 24″ to 29″.

The KICKR is compatible with a wide variety of axle types and widths from standard quick releases all the way up to Boost-spaced 15mm thru-axles. The KICKR comes with a Shimano 11-speed cassette (that you can even use with Campagnolo drivetrains) pre-installed and, with the appropriate spacer, can accommodate any Shimano or SRAM freehub-compatible 7, 8, 9, or 10-speed cassette. There are even adapters to run 12 Speed SRAM XD, XRD, and 12-speed Campagnolo cassettes that can be purchased. So, no matter what you ride, it’s probably KICKR compatible!

Ready to ride indoors on the best?

Wahoo gives you the best indoor cycling experience. With your bike and Wahoo’s great products, you can train inside, just like you train outside! Wahoo KICKR products are available at select ERIK’S locations as well as on